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Let us take you to a remotely beautiful town without making you work so hard for it. As in a place called Didihat that is situated at an altitude of 1800meters and is located just 60kms from Pithoragarh.  An enchanting place where the time goes still as the remote beauty of Didihat simply mesmerizes your mind and soul.

Didihat, A Scenic Destination Within the Lap OF the Himalayas
Where The Mystical Beauty Welcomes You With Open Arms.


A Traveler’s journey within this mystical land of Gods, where the serene wilderness and the spellbinding beauty of Nature simply take you towards a dreamland. For many years Uttarakhand has been a home for wanderers from all over the Globe. Imagine the scenic beauty of a place that simply never stops to amaze you or surprise you. Such is the beauty of a hilltop town named Didihat.

A place where you get to experience the best of solitude and peace. Especially, as a traveler, if you wish to get away from the rush and experience the serene solitude within nature. Didihat is a small town that might just be what you are looking for, be it the solitude or the adventurous rush. A town that is known as the heart of Kumaon, where one experiences the scenic view of Snow laden Himalayan peaks like Mt. Trishul and Panchachuli peaks. Along with the lush green meadows and valleys that simply compliments the sense of freshness within the forests around this region.  

Such is the beauty of nature that it blesses us with places like did hat, where the wildlife sanctuary nearby makes the entire region flourish with rare and enchanting Flora and Fauna.

A colorful town that has such beautiful diversity within its Traditional and Cultural values, especially if you visit during some important festivals like Holi or Diwali. If you are here to explore the divinity of Temples located in this region, make sure to visit the famous Sirakot Malaynath Temple. It was built by the Reika Kings as a dedication to Lord Shiva. One can visit this temple when on the way to Didihat. 

Didihat has an interesting history that one should be aware of. This town was ruled by the Malla & Raika Kings of Sirakot until 1581A.D. when the King Rudra of the Chand Dynasty took over the kingdom. One can still find the forts and ancient temples in ruins, but they simply tell the tales of a long-lost and forgotten History. 

Another interesting fact that glorifies the beauty of Didihat even more, as this place comes within the pilgrimage trail towards Kailash Man Sarovar. Where you are presented with an opportunity to discover and witness the mystical serenity of the Adi Kailash Trek.

Making Didihat a major tourist attraction for people from all over the country and abroad.

Key Highlights of Didihat

  • As a traveler, if you seek Nature and Wildlife, you have come to the right place. As Didihat is located near the Askot Wildlife Sanctuary, making the entire region bloom with the Flora and Fauna. 
  • One can even experience the rare sightings of Himalayan Black Bears, Himalayan Monal, Musk Deer’s, and even Snow Leopards if you are that lucky. 
  • A delightful treat for photographers and the bird watchers as you might just forget to blink, as the ecstatic shades of wilderness simply take your breath away.
  • If you have come here to be one with the holiness of the pilgrim places that enclose the region of Didihat. Make sure to visit the Purnagiri Temple, Hat – Kalika Temple, and the famous Malaynath Temple in Sirakot.
  • The splendid Himalayan view from this region will mesmerize your mind and soul. As the Himalayas from the Mighty Mt. Trishul till the Panchachuli Peaks sends shivers down your spine. 
  • If it is the thrill and adventure behind a trek that you seek, make sure to read about the Trek to Kafni Glacier.
  • A delightful treat for those who have come here to get away from their monotonous lifestyles with the simple desires of sleeping in a tent. 
  • As there are not many places to stay in Didihat but the scarcity of accommodation brings you an enthralling opportunity of Camping under the spellbinding Night Skies.
  • Didihat is known to be a place where time stops and every rush you have within your mind is simply faded away within the simplicity and beauty of this remote town within Uttarakhand. 
  • At Didihat, one gets an opportunity to treat your stomach with some delicious local delicacies like Aloo ka Gutka, Jhingur Ki Kheer, Chainsoo, and even Bhatt Ki Daal. One can easily find these local dishes in some restaurants. 
  • The locals in this region are so much down to earth that they welcome you with open arms. 
  • An interesting fact to know about Didihat would be that this place is called the local Business Hub of this region. 
  • Didihat is yet to be explored when it comes to the thrilling adventure of activities like Climbing, paragliding, and even fishing. This region has numerous boulders for one to experience the adventure of Bouldering.
  • As this town is located at a hilltop, that comes with various spots from where one can experience the thrill of flying like a bird via paragliding.
  • Make sure to not miss shopping in the market of Didihat, where you can easily find souvenirs for nearly everyone you know from friends to families. As you can see how the market is influenced by the local culture, vegetation, and even traditional values.

Things to do in DIDIHAT

A beautiful town like Didihat is surrounded by such mesmerizing beauty of numerous different places. Making the town a major tourist attraction for travelers, wanderers, and even tourists visiting with their families.

If you have already planned on visiting this beautiful town within the lap of the Himalayas. Make sure to read the following list of places that one must visit when in Didihat.

Kalpeshwar Mahadev Cave Temple

When you are busy exploring this captivating town of Didihat and are keen on setting yourself free within the holiness of Lord Shiva. 
As this cave Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is located just 3-4kms from Didihat, the positive energy of this temple will automatically attract your heart towards its serenity.

Askot Wildlife Sanctuary

Your journey of exploring Didihat will remain incomplete if you do not get a chance of visiting the reason for the flourishing of Flora and Fauna within Didihat. This wildlife sanctuary is a home for so many Musk Deers and many other creatures of Nature. 

This place will surely be a blissful delight for Photographers and Nature enthusiasts.

Pithoragarh Fort

As an explorer, visiting the Forts in Pithoragarh would simply complement your journey to Didihat. This fort was built by the Gorkhas back in the 1790s and still holds a major significance over the locals residing within this Kumaon region. 

This famous fort is located on a hilltop on the outskirts of Didihat.


As a traveler, if you are keen on exploring some of the most magnificent places around Didihat. 

If you come to Munsiyari from Didihat and you will travel for nearly 100 km, crossing the colorful town called Jauljibi that is famous for its riverside scenic views and the Nepali fare. Where one can find souvenirs of all kinds. 

Before you reach Munsiyari you will cross a village called Madkot, where you get a wash of all your problems and tiredness in the Hot Springs.

Munsiyari should be on the list as this town is known for its majestic Himalayan View of Panchachuli peaks.

Another interesting fact about this mystical hamlet is that, you get to experience the adventure within the Trek to the Darma Valley.

How To Reach Didihat From Major Cities?

As you know that Didihat is very well connected by various means of transportation.

Via Railways

If you are coming from a faraway state, you can book a train ticket to the New Delhi railway station. Once you reach Delhi you can book another ticket for a train that will take you to the nearest railway stations to your destination. 

As you know that there are no railway stations in Didihat. These two railway stations near to your destinations:

Kathgodam Railway Station – 230kms from Didihat

Tanakpur Railway Station – 200kms from Didihat

Making the Tanakpur railway station closest to your destination.

Via Airways

As you know there are no airports in your destination. If you are coming from a faraway state, you can easily book your flight ticket to Delhi Airport.

Once you have reached Delhi, from here you can book a flight ticket for Pantnagar Airport which is 265kms from your destination. As this is the only Airport in this region, which automatically makes it the closest one.

Once you reach Pantnagar, from here you will have to continue your journey till Didihat via roadways.

Via Roadways

One of the best ways to travel to Didihat, as the road that connects you to your destination will also take you through some of the most mesmerizing places enclosed within this beautiful land of Uttarakhand. 

If you are coming from Delhi, you can easily hop onto Bus that takes you to Almora or Bageshwar. It might not be a direct bus to your destination, making you break your journey into parts.

If you are planning on traveling via your vehicle, that would be the best way to reach Didihat. Once you reach Almora, you can take the Almora – Berinag Road and then on the Thal – Didihat Road.

As there are many ways to reach Didihat if you are traveling through roadways, which automatically makes Roadways the best way to reach Didihat.

Best time to Visit Didihat

An all-season place like Didihat and the nearby areas are usually accessible throughout the year. But as we all know how unpredictable the weather can be when you are near the Himalayas. In a town like Didihat, the temperature can drop down to 0 or -1 degrees. 

Make sure you have packed some pristine quality woolen clothes. 

During the Winters, when the Himalayas are covered with dense snow, the valleys and meadow sparkle with the sun falling on the layer of snow. This enchanting town of Didihat experiences peak winters during the months from December – February. When those meticulous scenic views simply take your breath away in awe. 

The months of October & November when winter has not arrived, but you can feel the chilliness in the wind and on the ground. The time when numerous species of birds are migrating, making this time of the year a delightful treat for photographers and even for the ones who just want to fall in love with nature all over again.

With the arrival of Spring and the Summers, the lush green grass of those meadows just cannot hide under the snow anymore starts to bloom. And everything blossoms again from the Flora to Fauna. During March, April, May, and June, the weather becomes pleasant where you can bathe in the sun during the daytime and would light a fire as soon as the sun starts to set. The time of the year when this place attracts many tourists as the lovely weather makes it perfect for sightseeing and visiting the famous attractions in and around Didihat.

And monsoon arrives, bringing along those treacherous rains and landslides. Usually, it is not advisable to travel in the mountains during monsoons. Although the rejuvenating views during the monsoon, the entire valleys, and meadows of Didihat are covered under the cloudy mists of wonder. Make sure you talk to locals and do thorough research before you leave for Didihat during July – September.  

Hence, at the end of the day, the decision of when to visit Didihat lies in your hands as a traveler.

Why Didihat Should Be on Everyone’s Bucket List

A place like Didihat has such enchanting diversity of Historical and cultural significance over this region. People from all over this country are attracted to its heritage and the mesmerizing wilderness. 

Didihat is one of those places that are still unexplored by many, yet it offers so much from its Flora and Fauna to the divinity of holy places that encloses this region from everywhere.

We are sure by now you are already fascinated about exploring Didihat, so why wait as it is time to head towards this beautiful town within the magical land of Uttarakhand.

Last but not the least, a humble request from our team to clean up after yourself and maintain the sanctity of Didihat.