Harshil Valley

a comprehensive guide


The divine land of Uttarakhand is home to numerous isolated and remote places, where one gets an opportunity to be enclosed within jewels of Mother Nature. Such is the journey of a traveler, filled with surprises at every turn in the form of beautiful off-beat and undiscovered destinations. Imagine a place that offers something for every kind of traveler, as one gets to experience being a part of blissful diversity in activities Harshil Valley offers.

As this captivating valley of dreams rests on the banks of River Bhagirathi, one can imagine how beautifully it complements the essence of Harshil. As we all know that it has not been a long time since Uttarakhand started attracting tourists and wanders from all over the globe. There still are numerously hidden and off-beat gems of Mother Nature that help in maintaining the serenity of this divine land. 

A place that makes you fall in love with nature all over again, as the freshness from the dense forests and the warmth of lush green valley’s sends waves of calmness within your mind and body. A sight like no other where the wonders of Harsil Valley will welcome you with open arms. It is a traveler’s dream to come across a hidden gem of a place like Harshil Valley, where the remote and undiscovered isolation will send blissful shivers down your spine. As this captivating valley comes on the route towards Gangotri, the entire region is enclosed within the music of migrating birds and the snow-laden Himalayan Peaks.

The essence of Harshil Valley indeed attracts travelers who are looking for an escape from their monotonous lifestyles. Along with the mesmerizing solitude, places like Harshil valley offers numerous trekking trails that satisfies the adventurer within you. An interesting thing to know is that a few years ago foreigners were not allowed to stay the night in Harshil Valley. Indians needed to get a permit to visit and after the Indo-China War of 1962 the rules changed and the doors to this valley of dreams were opened for travelers.

Harshil Valley is known to be a valley of dreams, which is very well connected to every mode of transportation and especially the roadways. Along the splendid connectivity with some of the most spellbinding trekking trails, like the Swargarohini Trek, a place that is literally the same as the name suggests.

 Make sure to read a little bit more about the place, as we are sure by now you are already planning to visit Harshil Valley.

Key Highlights of Harshil Valley

The diverse beauty of Harshil Valley reeks from every corner of this valley and attracts tourists from all over the globe.

  • Harshil valley comes within the area of Gangotri National Park, making the entire region flourish with the ecstatic shades of wilderness. 
  • A place where the diversity of Flora & Fauna simply walks hand in hand with nature and Wildlife.
  • The freshness of dense forests of Deodar, Oak and Pine, sends waves of divine calmness to your mind. 
  • As within these dense green forests are home to numerous temples that hold major significance over the locals of this region. 
  • When Harshil Valley calls you, make sure to not just visit the Majestic Apple orchards but give your taste buds a treat as well. 
  • Many years ago, even before the Indo-China war, the Harshil Valley had been a major exporter of fine quality Timber. 
  • A delightful treat for photographers who are influenced by Nature and Wildlife. As the mesmerizing scenic beauty of this region might not let you keep your camera back in your bag. 
  • An enchanting camping experience calls for travelers passing by. As the spellbinding star trails of the night sky send shivers down your spine, while the small bonfire treats your body with warmth.
  • An opportunity for travelers to get to be one with the essence of the place, simply by taking small yet mesmerizing nature walks and interacting with the locals. 
  • As for the ones who are here to set free their adventurous soul.
  • You will be delighted to hear that there are numerous beautiful trekking trails like the Sattal Trek, Chitkul, Gaumukh, and the trek to Kyarkoti Lake Trek.
  • Along with these well-known hiking trails, if you are willing to travel a little further, there are a few places like Kagbhusandi Lake trek.
  • As there are no fancy cafes and restaurants in this region, you will be served simple yet delicious food. Along with some of the delicious delicacies of the Garhwal region, might treat your taste buds lavishly. 
  • If you are here for some time and want to explore the nearby regions as well, you will be pleased to hear that some magnificent places surround the magical Harshil Valley. 

A call for Wanderers, Travelers, Tourists and even families who would like to visit this hidden gem of Uttarakhand that is enclosed within the beautifully diverse Flora and Fauna.

Major Attractions of Harshil Valley

A traveler’s journey to Harshil valley as a getaway from the monotonous
lifestyle is a way to connect with the serenity of Mother Nature. 

As the diverse and ever-changing scenic views within this region will offer you such a tranquil experience, making you fall in love with Nature all over. A call for Nature lovers to come
and set themselves free within the mystical scenic beauty of the Harsil Valley.

 Following are a few places in and around the Harshil Valley that have been a major attraction for travelers.


This story will take you back in time to when a soldier named Fredrik E Wilson of the East India Company quit his previous life and got settled in the Harshil Valley. After a certain time, he was called Raja Wilson or Pahadi Wilson, as he did many things to enhance the beauty of Harshil Valley.

He was the one who introduced Apple farming to this valley along with many other kinds of vegetation.

It is the Wilson Cottage where he lived and created his life and his mansion attracted many tourists from everywhere. After a certain time, the Wilson Cottage caught fire and was damaged in the fire, that is when the government restored the building and turned it into a forest rest house.

Make sure to visit the rest house whenever the beauty of Harshil Valley brings you here.


As the legend suggests, Mukhwas Village is known to be the home of Goddess Gangotri. Making this village a pilgrim destination and it holds a major significance on the locals of this region and along with the devotees from all over the globe. 

Along with the enchanting scenic beauty of this village that is just at a distance of 1km from Harshil valley. As the folk tales mention Mukhwas village to be a winter home for the Goddess, making this region filled with devotees and travelers. As the entire region is covered under a blanket of snow in winters, the walk to this village might just test you mentally and physically. 

If you are planning a trip to Harshil Valley, make sure to visit the Mukhwas Village. If not for the mythological beliefs, then for the serenity of Nature that surrounds Mukhwas Village.


Another tiny hamlet that rests nearly 3kms from Harshil Village. Along with the mesmerizing scenic views of the river stream and the valleys that complement the snow-laden Himalayan Peaks. Dharali is known to be a home for the biggest Apple Orchards of this region, make sure to treat your taste buds and savor every bite of those delicious and organic Apples. 

The Divine Beauty of the Shiva Temple in Dharali holds a major significance over the locals. As they believe that Bhagirath meditated here with a wish in his heart of River Ganga flowing from heaven to earth. Such are the folk tales that just add to the essential beauty of this region. 

If you are here at Harshil and have some time to spare, make sure to visit this beautiful village known as Dharali.


As for the ones waiting to satisfy the adventurer within, make sure to follow up with the hiking trail from Dharali to Sattal. As beautiful as the way to the seven lakes, the destination is even more enchanting.

One can feel the freshness of the clear lakes and the forests of Oak, Deodar, and Pine that surround the lakes. An enchanting experience for the birdwatchers, as the region is home to many migrating species of birds. One does not require an alarm clock to wake up, as the birds will come singing for you the song of nature and wake you with calmness within your mind and heart. 

Even the photographers who are influenced by the Flora & Fauna, it’s a treat to be left awestruck by the sheer beauty and simplicity of Mother Nature that surrounds the trek to Sattal. 

If your journey to Harshil Valley brought you to Dharali, make sure to hike for a few km to feel mesmerized by the scenic purity of Sattal.

A note for travelers, there are numerous other places and hiking trails within the mystical Harshil Valley.

A delightful note for travelers and trekkers, who still need a little bit more of the adventure to satisfy their mind and soul. As one gets an opportunity to witness the magically enchanting beauty of Vasu Ki Tal trek, which is not so far away from Harshil Valley.

Best Time To Visit Harshil Valley

An all-season place like Harshil Valley welcomes travelers from all over the globe and throughout the year. As every season brings along a special kind of treat in the form of the blooming flora and Fauna.

As the spring and summers arrive, it brings along new life to the entire region of Harshil Valley. The time of the year when the lush green grass cannot hide under the blanket of snow. As the melting snow feeds the entire valleys and forests enough water that within no time the wilderness starts to bloom. These are the months of April, May, and June, when the tourist count is the highest and the ecstatic shades of wildflowers and forests simply leave you awestruck. 

With the arrival of the Monsoons, the heavy rainfalls create havoc within the whole region and increase the chances of landslides and accidents.

Well, this time of the year also encloses the Harshil valley within the clouds and mists of wonder, making the entire region magical.

When the monsoons end and there is still time before the winter’s cover the Harsil Valley in the chilliness. The months of September and October when the days make the entire region shine and shimmer. Just the moment when the sun sets, the need for a small bonfire rises. 

Sounds like a perfect time for a bike ride to the Harshil Valley.

With the arrival of Winters, the weather becomes beautifully cold and the snow takes over the Harshil Valley. As the valley of dreams sines and shimmers during November, December, January, and February. Ones get an opportunity to satisfy their child-like pleasures of making a snowman or a snowball fight. This time of the year when the picturesque beauty of Harshil Valley will be a tremendous treat for photographers and nature lovers. 

Hence, you can visit the Harshil Valley any time of the year depending on what season you would prefer to experience in Harshil valley.

Why Harshil Valley Should Be on Everyone’s Bucket List

As you all know by now that Harshil Valley is one of those off-beat destinations that every traveler dreams about. As this region welcomes travelers throughout the year, one can witness the diverse beauty of Harshil Valley in every season. Along with the precious jewels of Mother Nature, one can set themselves free within the Mythological and Cultural significance that encloses the Harshil Valley. This region offers something for everyone from Travelers, Wanderers, Trekkers, and Tourists visiting Harshil Valley with family.

As for the trekkers who are willing to cross over their limits by going an extra mile, make sure to read about the magical destination known as the Kedarkantha.

Such is the mesmerizing beauty of the Harshil Valley, that offers so much from Nature, Religious Temples and Mythological tales

There are numerous other reasons why one must visit Harshil Valley and those reasons will be your experience you gain on this journey to Harshil Valley.


Make sure to clean up after yourself and maintain the sanctity of Harshil Valley!