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A traveler’s journey is enclosed within experiences of all kinds, from the blissful ones to the ones that act as major life lessons. Such is the mesmerizing scenic beauty of the land of Gods that offers something for every traveler who passes by.

As we all know that Uttarakhand has been home to tourists from all over the globe. The enchanting serenity of Uttarakhand lies within the isolated and off-beat places that are enclosed within this region. 

It has been only a decade or two since the time people started to discover this mystical land within the lap of the Himalayas.

As everyone slowly realized that this place offers a lot more than just the divine and holy places. 

Such is the mystical beauty of the remote and isolated places that hide away their serenity, one of those places is Khirsu.

An enthralling off-beat destination, where one gets to experience the best of Nature and Wildlife. Along with a rejuvenating 360degree view of the Himalayan ranges that simply complement the lush green valleys, meadows, and denser forests. 

One can truly experience being within a remote region and without traveling too far, as those mystical blue skies that reflect their beauty all over the region.

If you are in search of solitude in the form of a getaway from your monotonous lifestyles, where you get to replace the chaos with the waves of calmness.

A journey to such a beautiful and off-beat place will remain incomplete if one does not try and feel the essence of the place. To truly feel the serenity of Khirsu, one needs to understand the lifestyles of locals within the lap of the Himalayas. 

Along with Uttarakhand, even Himachal Pradesh is home for some of the most enthralling and offbeat places like the Shades of Shanghar Village and the serenity of Chaupal.

A place like Khirsu attracts a specific kind of travelers, especially the ones who like to explore and discover places and the hidden tranquility that surrounds them. As is the tranquility of Khirsu, where one experiences magical scenic views of Nature and the precious jewels it blesses us with. Such is the spellbinding and sere beauty of this silently off-beat place known as Khirsu, where one gets an opportunity to fall in love with Nature’s simplicity all over again.

Key Highlights of Khirsu

  • Let us start with those Apple Orchards, where you get a chance to pluck a few directly from the trees and savor every bite of those delicious and organic Apples. 
  • One can experience such a beautiful and heartwarming simple way of living, as the scenic beauty of Khirsu will take you back in time to those scenic paintings of a child. 
  • A delightful treat for travelers who are here for birdwatching, as the entire region blooms with the blooming Flora. Making this region home to numerous species of birds and their ecstatic shades of Nature. 
  • As a traveler, if you are a photographer influenced by Nature and Wildlife. We hope you packed a few extra batteries as you might not get a chance to look away from the viewfinder.
  • It is the adventure and thrill that satisfy your mind and soul. Make sure to take a hike towards the Ulka Ghari, taking you towards an altitude of 1900meters. Where the majestic Himalayan views and the valleys filled with mists of wonder, simply take you to a fairyland. 
  • If it is the divinity of the Holy temple that calls you to Khirsu, make sure to set yourselves free within the holiness of the temples that encloses this region.
  • Kandoliya: A temple dedicated to Lord Kandoliya, who holds a major significance over the locals in this region. Along with the devotees coming from all over the globe to visit this temple and witness the Majestic Himalayan View that compliments the enchanting Gangwarsyum Valley. Lord Kandolis is the reincarnation of the Adi yogi, none other than the mighty Lord Shiva.
  • Deval Garh: At this temple, one can witness the true beauty of long-forgotten Architecture that enhances the heritage of the Garhwal region. Deval Garh is one of those famous temples of this region, dedicated to Goddess Raj Rajeshwari. This holy place attracts tourists from all over the globe, who come here to witness the divinity of Deval Garh being surrounded by the Himalayas, those alpine forests.
  • Dhari Devi: A famous holy temple dedicated to the Goddess Kali, who holds a major significance over the locals of this region. Along with the travelers coming from all over the globe to feel the essence of this region, that is home to true Wilderness and Divine Temples. This temple is situated on the banks of the river Alaknanda, where one can clearance and calm their mind and body. 
  • Jwalapa Devi Temple: Make sure to indulge yourself within the holiness of the famous sidhpeeth.


  • Treat your taste buds with some of the delicious delicacies of this region. As they come in many flavors and tastes of Aloo Ke Gutke, Chainsoo, Gahat, and Kapaa, etc. 
  • A call for travelers who are here to witness the majestic beauty of the mystical Himalayan ranges from Chaukhamba, Mt. Trishul, Maiktoli, Devtoli, Nanda Devi, Nanda Devi East, Panwali Dwar, and the names go on till the mesmerizing beauty of Panchachuli Peaks. 
  • The Flora and Fauna that enclose the remote land of Khirsu are simply captivating. As the dense forests of Pine, Oak, Deodar, and even conifer trees, simply sending waves of calmness within your mind and soul.
  • If you are here for experiencing camping, witness the enthralling night skies while a small bonfire keeps your body warm. Where you get an opportunity to spend the night in your tents and not the same best at your home. 
  • Although this region attracts many kinds of travelers and even families to spend a picnic holiday, Khirsu remains an off-beat destination and attracts travelers, the ones who crave isolation and solitude. 
  • Another major highlight of this region would be doing absolutely nothing. That is something you know, doing nothing and appreciating the wilderness and nature that surrounds this magical region of Khirsu.
  • Khirsu comes under the region of the god’s land Uttarakhand, a place that is home for numerous enchanting places within captivating scenic beauty. 
  • You can read about one of those places in our blog, which is known as the Kasar Devi, where you get to witness numerous Activities to indulge in Kasar Devi

Itinerary for


An all-season place like Khirsu has been home for many travelers and wanderers. As there many beautiful places one can visit in and around Khirsu, there can be multiple itineraries made for Khirsu. 

In the end, it all comes down to what you expect out of your journey and which places you would like to visit. As this region is well connected to every mode of transportation. So, it does not matter, if you travel via bus, train or even your vehicle.

Following is a basic Itinerary made for your leisure and gives you a basic idea of how one can plan a trip to Khirsu.

Day 01: Delhi – Lansdowne (260kms)

  • Your journey begins from Delhi, where you board a bus/train towards Lansdowne.
  • After a drive of 6-7 hours, you reach Lansdowne where you get to enjoy the scenic beauty of this region.
  • There are beautiful Homestays for you to spend the night while you enjoy the scenic beauty of Lansdowne. 
  • Lights Out!

Day 02: Lansdowne – Khirsu (92kms)

  • Wake up with the rising sun.
  • Start your day with a cup of tea while you rejuvenate your mind and body while watching the scenic beauty. 
  • After breakfast, we continue with the journey. 
  • After driving for nearly 5 hours, you will reach Khirsu.
  • The scenic beauty of this region might leave you enchanted. 
  • You can either spend the night in the cultural homestays or pitch up your tents.
  • Overnight at Khirsu!

Day 03: Explore Khirsu

  • Start your day with a magical sunrise.
  • Enjoy the scenic beauty of the Himalayas and the beautiful blue skies. 
  • Explore the divine temples that enclose this off-beat land of Khirsu.
  • Make sure to visit the apple orchards and taste those delicious organic apples. 
  • After dinner Lights out!

A note for fellow travelers, after exploring Khirsu you can head back to Lansdowne and then back home. If you have time you can trek to Chopta and the Tung Nath Temple. Along with a thrilling adventure of trekking to the Deoria Tal. Such is the mesmerizing and diverse beauty of Khirsu and the places that surround this region. 

Well, if  your interests lie within the mythological aspects of places you travel to, make sure to read about the historical significance of Neem Karoli Baba and his teachings at the Kainchi Dham.

As mentioned above, there can be multiple itineraries made for your journey to Khirsu and the nearby places.

Best Time to Visit Khirsu

An enchanting place like Khirsu welcomes tourists with open arms throughout the year. Khirsu is not just an off-beat destination but also an all-season destination.

When the summers arrive, it brings along new life to the entire region. When the snow-capped Himalayas are standing tall as they complement the lush green meadows and the forests. The time of the year when the entire region blooms with the vastness of Flora and Fauna. When in the day you get to bathe in the sun and the nights bring along the need for a bonfire. All in all, the months of March, April, May, and June are pleasant times to visit this off-beat land known as Khirsu. 

With the arrival of the monsoon, the entire region is covered under the mists of wonder and Khirsu is covered under the mystical clouds. Although, the rains create havoc sometimes as they bring along landslides and non-stop rains for days. Make sure you speak to some locals to get a clear picture of the weather in Khirsu. Hence, the months from July to mid-September bring along a special kind of beauty to Khirsu.

 Along with the heavy rainfalls and the mists of wonder. 

Here comes the Winters and the time of snow when the grasslands and the forests go for hibernation under a furry blanket of Snow. The time of the year when one can witness the Himalayas shining day and night. When in the day it is the sunlight that makes the snow-capped Himalayas shimmer and shine. During the night, the mystical moonlight makes these Himalayas shine under a billion stars and the magical views of the milky way. The time of the year when one gets to satisfy those child-like pleasures of making a snowman and angles in the snow.

Hence, the best time to visit Khirsu would be the months from April – October. When the entire region is blooming with mystical diversity of Flora and Fauna.

Why Khirsu Should Be on Everyone’s Bucket List

A place like Khirsu where one gets to experience Nature at its best. Where the surroundings bind this region within the vast diversity of Flora and Fauna. 

A journey that takes you to the mystical land of Uttarakhand, where it is not just the divine holiness of this divine land that attracts travelers but also the diversity of Nature and Wildlife. 

Khirsu is an off-beat destination where one gets an opportunity to do absolutely nothing and watch the serenity of Mother Nature, healing you mentally and physically. 

An all-season place that comes with an enchanting surprise in every season, where the travelers get to experience the remoteness of Khirsu. As various beautiful places surround Khirsu. So, one can visit this place as a weekend’s getaway or a few weeks’ long getaways from your monotonous lifestyles. 

An off-beat destination where one gets to experience the serenity of tranquility within nature and holy places that enclose Khirsu.

A place where you need no alarm clocks as the vastness of birds come in the morning sing for you to wake up with the rising sun. A mind rejuvenation and soul-warming experience for wanderers and travelers to come to discover this unexplored land of Khirsu.