Sethan Village

A Hidden paradise in Himachal Pradesh


A traveler’s journey is filled with spontaneity and an unforgettable experience of both positivity and negativity as well. During that journey, by some miracle of the universe, we come across some hidden gems of nature. And a sudden rush of exploring that yet-to-be-discovered land takes over the best of you. 

It is a beautiful feeling to connect with the essence of that place, where you leave a part of your soul to evolve and come back to, someday down the line. Such is the Sethan Village, known to be the hidden paradise in Himachal Pradesh. A village where you get to be one with peaceful serenity along with setting free your adventurous desires.  

Situated at an altitude of 2700meters, Sethan is a small, isolated village just 15kms from Manali. Such a majestic and enchanting view of River Beas divides the mesmerizing beauty of Pir Panjal and Dhauldhar Himalayan ranges. A small village of just 20 – 30 houses, enclosed within the best of nature’s blessings. This small village is home to a small Buddhist community, where people from Spiti and nearby Tibetan areas live peacefully hand in hand with the serenity of the Sethan Village.   

When one visits a captivating place like Sethan, one would not want to explore everything all at once because of the thought of coming back. After all, one can never completely discover a place as it is a lifelong journey. Where every day of every season has something special to offer you from its everlasting beauty to those ever-changing colors of nature enclosing the Sethan village so beautifully. The mystical beauty of Snow-Capped Himalayas and meadows compliments the magical star trails in such a breathtaking way leaving you enchanted. 

We are sure by now you have already started to think about visiting the small yet mystical Sethan Village.

Key Highlights of Sethan Village

Sethan Village, a tiny yet so majestic place where you do not just get to experience the unexplored solidarity but also satisfy your adventurous soul. A journey where you fall in love with the serenity of nature all over again.

  • Hiking & Trekking, Along with Hampta Pass i.e., one of the most famous treks in Himachal. Numerous other trekking trails are enclosing this small yet beautiful Sethan village. As this trek would require of you to spare at least 4-5 days, making it difficult for everyone to go for it. 
  • Sethan village is surrounded by mystical views of valleys and the snow-capped mountains. Making the diverse beauty of this small village change its ecstatic colors with the rising and the setting sun.
  • Not to forget the nights where you get an out-of-this-world experience, simply by laying down and watching the star trails taking you on a journey inward. Making Sethan village a beautiful treat for stargazers and Astro-Photographers. 
  • Now comes a completely different side of Sethan village where it takes the best of your adventurous side. As you get a long-lasting satisfaction from climbing and Bouldering. You will be surprised to hear that a small village like Sethan is a home for the Bouldering Festival, which will take place in May 2021’
  • Another major surprise for travelers who seek an adventurous journey, as you get an opportunity to get an experience of Skiing and Snowboarding. Whenever one hears about skiing, the first place that strikes your mind is Bir Billing. But you will be awestruck to see those snow-capped slopes surrounding Sethan village might just be an experience for a lifetime. 
  • As we all know that this place is known to many yet unexplored and unexploited. Leading towards the lesser crowd as there is no network in this region, you can also call Sethan village a network-free zone. Where solidarity takes you towards a whole another level of the journey. 
  • As you know that Sethan Village is just a few kms from Manali and old Manali, make sure to treat your stomachs well at some of the Finest Cafes of Old Manali.
  • Sethan village is one place where you can fulfill your desire of not just being inside an igloo but also to spend the night in one of them. An experience you might remember for a long time and it might just bring you back to the place. 
  • Imagine the first rays of the sunrise falling directly on your tents, what could be more blissful than that. The moment you come out of your tents, you see the majestic Dhauldhar range sparkling right in front of your eyes and leaving you with an enchanting experience. 
  • While you are on this journey. Make sure to try and be connected to the essence of Sethan village, home to such a peaceful Buddhist community. Where you get to know more about the Tibetan Buddhist culture. 
  • The locals here are migrants from various areas of Tibet, who were given this land by the Government of India since the time Himachal Pradesh was a part of Punjab. So, now you can imagine the diversity and history attached to the stories and experiences of people residing within such mystical yet tiny Sethan Village.

How To Reach Sethan Village From Major Cities?

Your journey begins from Delhi or any other major city and the first stage of your journey will take you to Manali, Himachal Pradesh. From there your journey will take you towards your destination, where you get to experience the solitude along with the adventure that comes along as a complete package.

Via Roadways

If you are thinking of reaching Manali directly without the hassle of breaking your journey into parts. Then, the roadways are your best bet to land in Manali. Now it is up to you whether you want to travel in your vehicle or are willing to book a bus ride to Manali.

If you are coming from a faraway state then, traveling via personal vehicle is not advisable. 

Why get tired even before you reach your destination, when you can reach Manali via Bus from major cities like Delhi and Chandigarh. 

Once you reach Manali, reaching Sethan village is no task. As it is just an hour’s drive from Manali.

Via Railways

As we all know that there are no direct Trains till your destination i.e., Sethan village. 

If you are coming from a faraway city like Mumbai, Bangalore, etc. Booking a Train ticket to the nearest railway station would be your best bet to avoid any hassle. 

The nearest Railway station to your destination is Joginder Nagar Railway Station, which is nearly 160kms from Manali. From there it is another 15kms of a drive before you reach Sethan Village.

Keep in mind that from Joginder Nagar to Manali there are no booked buses available. So be prepared for a taxi ride to Manali and then to Sethan Village.

Via Airways

If you are coming from a faraway state or city and you do not want to exhaust yourself in busses or even trains. Why don’t you look at flights to the Bhuntar Airport which is just 50 km away from Manali? You can also think of booking a flight ticket till Delhi and from there think of traveling via Bus/Train

Although this is an option utilized by only a few people. For sure you will have to pay more than you would for a train /bus till Manali.

Basic Preparations For your Journey

Yes, nature can be captivating and enchanting and even blissful, but we also know how harsh it can get at times. Hence, it is always advisable to prepare before you move ahead on a journey you have been waiting for a long time. Get yourself a full body checkup and always keep your medicines if you are already suffering from any kind of sickness.

Only then your mind will be at ease when you know you are prepared for whatever comes along the way. As we know that we must prepare both our body and mind before we leave for a journey in the mountains.  

As we all know that being prepared is the first step towards getting your mind free for things that matter more.

Basic Necessities 

  • A reliable pair of trekking shoes with solid grip, as a normal pair of shoes, will not work. 
  • A sturdy backpack with a rainproof cover should be at least 50-60 liters. 
  • Few extra pairs of warm clothes including a warm pair of Socks and Gloves.
  • Remember to pack up your rain-proof gear.
  • A walking stick or a proper trekking pole. 
  • A torch or a headlamp is a must. 
  • Other things like Garbage Bags, jungle knife, water bottle, and a matchbox
  • Last but not the least, your identification documents.

Medical Kit & Supplies

  • Please carry your medicine if you have any pre-defined health issues. 
  • All kinds of band-aids for any emergencies 
  • Medicines for Nausea, stomachache, headache, etc.

We can assure you that there will always be a proper First-Aid kit including oxygen pump and cylinders provided by the tours and travels company.

Seasonal Guide on Sethan Village

This tiny little piece of paradise which is a hidden gem of Himachal Pradesh is an all-season place and is accessible throughout the year. And at the end of the day, it all comes down to what months and during which seasons would you like to explore this mystical land within the lap of the Himalayas. 

If you are planning your trip to enjoy the adventurous side of Sethan village, the best time for you to plan a trip would be from February to May. When the weather remains pleasant and fruitful.

Now comes the time for those wanderers who would like to camp and simply get lost within the serenity of the forests. As the months from June till the beginning of November, would allow you to go for small hikes and camp out in the forests under such enchanting Night Sky of Sethan.

For those who want to make the most of the snowfall that happens in Sethan Village. For you, the best time would be the months of December and January. Imagine yourself in Sethan Village and how mesmerized you will be to witness the first snowfall of the season.

A note for fellow travelers, if the weather remains on your side. You might just get a chance to do a little more than just read about the Short Hiking Trails from Manali.

Why Sethan Village Should Be on Everyone’s Bucket List

A hidden paradise which is the Sethan Village that offers so much and asks for so little in return. A place that not just brings you closer to Nature but to yourself as well. We do not see any reason for this tiny heaven to not be on your bucket list of travel. 

Where you get to experience the beauty of isolation and even so many trails for hiking and trekking. It’s time to set yourselves free within the splendid beauty of this place.

Last but not the least, a humble request from our team to clean up after yourselves and maintain the sanctity and serenity of Sethan Village.

Until Next Time!