Shades of Shangarh Village

a comprehensive guide to Sainj Valley


Shangarh is a small yet mystical place within this beautiful god’s land of Himachal Pradesh. A traveler’s journey is not just about those adventurous treks to unknown destinations. It is a blessing to come across such hidden gems’ nature has blessed us with. Such as the Shangarh village, where everything around you and within your finds the calm within the rush of our lives. 

The moment one enters this village in Sainj Valley, the scenic beauty of those unspoiled meadows and waterfalls. You will be surprised and awestruck at the same time, the moment you realize what all this place has to offer you.

A blissful treat from every kind of traveler, you can spend time to know more about Indian Mythology. If it is trekking you desire, there are many treks around this village, and if peace is what you crave. There will be nothing that can disturb your connection with the peaceful serenity of Shangarh village.

It is almost unbelievable that a small village like this can rejuvenate your mind and soul on such deeper levels. Shangarh is situated at an altitude of 7000ft in the Sainj valley of Kullu district. A village-like this is still so isolated even after being discovered by many. Yet it offers so much from the greener meadow like no other place.

As this village comes under the area of one of the biggest National Parks of India and this zone has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Shangarh Village is enclosed within such captivating views and such splendid diversity of Flora & Fauna. It is villages like Shangarh that have maintained the solidarity of a state like Himachal which has become a crowded hub for tourists within the past few years. 

Shangarh village where you feel the essence of isolation without really traveling too much to reach a remote place. As we know that villages under the Great Himalayan National Park (GHNP), fall under the ‘Eco Zone and are being protected under the Wildlife Protection Act. Resulting in a steep incline of Nature and Wildlife in and around Shangarh Village. 

If you are already captivated enough to plan your next travels towards the Shangarh Village in Sainj valley. Let us learn a bit more about the mesmerizing activities and the peaceful silence of this village would be a trip worth your while.

Key Highlights of Shangarh Village

  • Hiking through the greener meadows of Shangarh Village let yourself be mesmerized by this scenic heaven. Where the beautiful sky simply compliments the serenity of this lush land. 
  • A place that has its bird alarm to help you wake up at sunrise. Experience the music of birds singing, sending calm within you. 
  • Just like The magical beauty and the remote serenity of the Shangarh Village, there are a few more unexplored and unexploited destinations like the Sethan Village that have started to attract tourists from all over the globe.
  • A paradise for bird watchers and photographers to spend time with numerous different birds, colors of such kinds that send blissful shivers down your spine through your eyes. 
  • Devta Ground, a well-known Meadow of Shangarh village, with such majestic background of the Himalayas covered under a thick blanket of snow. 
  • A holy treat for those who are here for the importance of Shangchul Mahadev Temple. Having an important religious significance over the locals as they are aware of the mythology attached to the Devata Ground
  • Depending on your wish of walking amongst the serenity of this village of driving, you must reach Barshangarh Waterfall. Enclosed within the beauty of mountain terrain, where the grass is greener, and the water is clearer.
  • Treat yourself to delicious food just a little ahead of the waterfall at Stories n More Cafe. Give your eyes a treat while you eat, with such beautiful views. 
  • There are various trekking trails in this region, to satisfy your hunger for trekking and hiking.

Basic Itinerary for
Shangarh Village.

First of all, you need to know that this is a small village that has so much to offer. Either you can come here as a tourist with 1-2 days planned itinerary or as a traveler with the desire to explore

Day 01: DELHI – AUT – (475km) – SAINJ (22km)

  1. The initial stage of your journey begins by boarding a Train/Bus.
  2. The Bus from Delhi will drop you at Aut, which is 2 hours before Manali. 
  3. After a 12-hour long journey, rest a while and have tea or coffee. 
  4. The next step is the short one, you will hop on to the bus or taxi taking you to Sainj town or valley. 
  5. This is the biggest and main town in this region. 
  6. It will already be late evening by the time you reach Sainj, where delicious food and comfortable beds are waiting for you.


  1. Start your day early with the sun rising and a cup of tea in your hand. 
  2. From here onwards the ride is short but long as well, as you climb on a narrow road taking you towards Shangarh village. 
  3. Reaching the village would feel like entering a dreamland, with colorful huts and meadows. 
  4. Today you will spend your time getting to know the place and being one with the essence. 
  5. Go for walks and spend time with kids and the villagers. 
  6. In the evening before sunset, let us take a stroll towards the Devta ground.
  7. Watch the sunset colors of the sky and the ground, devour your rush into calmness. 
  8. Well, the food is ready, and the fire is lit. That suggests some live music over a delicious dinner.


  1. Believe us, you will not need alarms to wake you up.
  2. Start your day with the pleasant wake-up calls from birds, as they come and sing for you.
  3. Enjoy the mesmerizing sun-rising beauty of Shangarh, with a cup of tea in your hand. 
  4. After breakfast, it is time we head towards the holiness of Shangchul Mahadev Temple where you get to know about the mythological stories of Devta Ground.
  5. It is time we head out towards the waterfalls and take a dive. Let the water falling through the rocks and the lush green forests, cleanse your mind and body.
  6. Time for a surprise hike to the beautiful Sara Lake, taking you 3 hours of hike.
  7. It is interesting to see how the black-looking river from a distance would have much clearer water.
  8. Well, the surprise is not over yet. As it is about time, we pitch our tents near Sara Lake.
  9. For sure after all that, your stomach must be asking for treats of its own. While you enjoy the shimmering beauty of the place.
  10. Once you have explored the mystical serenity of Shangarh Village and you still have a few days to spare, make sure to first read and then visit the mesmerizing scenic beauty of Tirthan Valley.

Day 04: TREK – (Sara Lake – Lapah Village – Shangarh)

  1. Start your day early, let the first rays of sun flow through you while you watch Sara Lake shine with the rising sun. 
  2. After tea and breakfast, the journey continues towards Lapah Village.
  3. As you get closer and closer to Lapah, the flora seems to bloom taking your soul along. 
  4. Where the Majestic Grasslands asks for you to take your shoes off and let the soft grass relax you up.
  5. After the bird watching and savoring the blissful views, we head back towards Shangarh Village. 
  6. After such a beautiful yet long day, food and shelter are all set for you to relax. 
  7. It would be unfair to the place if we miss out on watching the star trails.

Day 05: SHANGARH – SAINJ (10kms) – AUT (22kms) – DELHI (475kms)

  • Begin your day with a cup of tea, as the sun rises in front of you 
  • While watching the sunrise, feel your experience and moments turning into memories you keep close for a long time.
  • Time for the last breakfast within the serenity of Shangarh.
  • It is about time we head back, to AUT where the buses will be waiting for you to board. 
  • From here onwards, your Train/Bus will take you back home. 

Until Next Time!

How To Reach Shangarh From Major Cities?

By Road

The nearest Bus Stand that you will find is in AUT, which is just 32Kms from your destination Shangarh village. It is perfect if you are boarding a bus from Delhi or Chandigarh.

In case if you prefer coming via your vehicle that would be another treat where you do not depend on any public transport.

If you are coming on your own, this will be the most efficient route (Covering the distance of nearly 550 km) :

Delhi > Ambala > Kharad Bypass > Bilaspur > Sunder Nagar > Mandi > Larji > Sainj Bypass > SHANGARH

By Air

Does not matter what state you are coming from, there are 3 major Airports near your destination.

  • Bhuntar Airport: At 40kms from Sainj valley, which is the closest to your destination.
  • Shimla Airport: Further away at 200kms from your destination..
  • Chandigarh Airport: Even further away at nearly 240kms from your destination. This for people coming from far away states.

By Train

As we know no trains are taking you directly to your destination. 

Depending on the state you are boarding your train from, the closest railway station to your destination is Joginder Nagar Railway Station. Which is at a minimum distance of 40km approx. from your destination. 

The next railway station would be Chandigarh i.e., 240kms from Sainj valley.

Preparations For your Journey

Along with the pre-hand preparations, one must make a list and mention every important thing you will require to follow up on this journey. 

As one can only set themselves free within such a majestic place. When you have everything, you need to not just enjoy but be safe as well.

Basic Necessities

  • A pair of proper trekking shoes as a normal pair of shoes will not cut it.
  • A rain-proof pair of clothes. 
  • A proper 50-60ltr rucksack with rainproof cover. 
  • Must carry a trekking pole or a walking stick.
  • Warm clothes including, gloves, jacket, socks and maybe a shall. 
  • A headlamp or a torch
  • Every kind of toiletries you might require.
  • Do not forget garbage bags, jungle knives, Matchbox, or a lighter and water bottle.
  • Mobile phone charger or even a power bank, depending on your requirements. 
  • Must carry your identity documents.

Medical Kit & Supplies

  • First, if you have a serious medical condition, carry your medicines. As for Asthmatic patients, it is a must to carry their inhaler and an oxygen pump. 
  • Must carry all essential medicines for, stomachache, headache, etc. 
  • All kinds of Band-Aids for injuries.

Now that you are completely equipped and prepared for the journey that lies ahead.
You cannot just enjoy but relax with your mind and body at ease.


Seasonal Guide on Shangarh Village

An all-season place like Shangarh Village and the nearby areas are usually accessible throughout the year. But as we all know how unpredictable the weather can be when you are near the Himalayas. And in a village-like Shangarh, the temperature can drop down to -5 degrees. 

During the Winters, when the Himalayas are covered with dense snow, the valleys and meadow sparkle with the sun falling on the layer of snow. Shangarh village experiences peak winters during the months from December – March. When those meticulous scenic views simply take your breath away in awe. The months of October & November when winter hasn’t arrived, but you can feel the chilliness in the wind and on the ground. The species of birds migrating, bringing you more diversity to photograph as well. 

With the arrival of Spring and the Summers, the snow melts and the lush green grass of those meadows just cannot hide under the snow anymore. And everything blossoms again from the Flora to Fauna. During the months of April, May, and June, the weather becomes pleasant where you can bathe in the sun during the daytime and would light a fire as soon as the sun starts to set.

And monsoon arrives, bringing along those treacherous rains and landslides. So, usually, it is not advisable to travel in the mountains during monsoons. Although the rejuvenating views during the monsoon, the entire valleys, and meadows of Shangarh are covered in mists of wonder.  

Make sure you talk to locals and do thorough research before you leave for Shangarh village during the months of July – September.

Why Shangarh Village Should Be on Everyone’s Bucket List

As you all know by now how this not so remote place is yet to be discovered on many levels. Enclosed within a village-like Shangarh, can make you fall for the simplicity and solidity of nature. It might just turn out to be a journey of a lifetime when you travel physically and within as well. Bringing you close to yourself and nature, turning your chaos into calmness.

We hope your journey will be memories that you will cherish for a lifetime. So, why not explore a little more and start by reading about the Best 5 Treks for Beginners in Himachal.

Last but not the least, a humble request from our team
to not hamper the sanctity of Shangarh village and clean up after yourself.