Auli Gorson Bugyal Trek

a comprehensive guide


A heavenly place with such mesmerizing scenery of an immense land, enclosed by such vast coniferous forests and oak trees. Such a splendid place that comes along with a diversity in its scenic views. Where in winters those intoxicating meadows are covered with thick white snow and in any other season there is simply an outbreak of colors.

Making Gorson Bugyal is to be one of the pristine treks offered by the Garhwal Himalayan region of Uttarakhand. Gorson Bugyal is situated at the height of 3056 meters, which is 6kms from Auli. Gorson Bugyal is situated at the top of Joshimath, and a village named Sunil. 

Due to flat and sloped topography, the softer grass makes this bugyal a splendid place to camp. Where the sunny days offer you to have a walk around and be enticed with the flora and fauna. And the night takes you on a journey within the galaxies, just by lying down and gazing at the stars. 

An enticing treat for the eyes, not just from the destination but even the route might just take your breath away in bliss. Where you get to witness a panoramic view of such a vast Himalayan range, with peaks like Kamet, Gori Parbat, Nanda Devi, Doonagiri, Mana Parbat, and even Neelkanth. Where all these peaks with their historical and religious significance, standing tall right in front of you and simply taking your breath away. The mystical land of Uttarakhand is enclosed within such mesmerizing jewels of Mother Nature, some of them so remote that they are still far away from a traveler’s radar. Mak sure to read our blog on some of the Finest unexplored Treks in Uttarakhand

When visiting a place enclosed within the lap of the Himalayas, you can miss out on such gifts of nature if you focus on just the destination. Because with every step you take forward, the beauty of the flora and fauna in and around Gorson bugyal only increases.

Key Highlights of Auli Gorson Bugyal Trek

  • One of those magical treks that are open for tourists throughout the year. Where every season has its mystical beauty waiting to fascinate your eyes and calm your mind. 
  • In winters, there’s heavy snowfall and the entire meadows and forests are hidden behind a layer of snow. Adding onto the beauty of a place that is already hypnotizing. 
  • During summers, the valleys and the forests are booming and blooming with such mystical diversity of colors. Along with the freshness within the wind, the Himalayas are clearer than ever. Might just send blissful shivers down your spine. 
  • The beginning of Spring slowly turns the bugyal into greener pastures than ever. The blooming flora is a sight to witness, even if it means camping a day more. 
  • The arrival of monsoon rains brings along a thousand shades of green sparkling through the mist. 
  • Another delightful treat for adventure seekers, as you get to discover a spellbinding Trek to Khatling Glacier. But make sure to read our blog before you embark upon your journey. 
  • A blissful treat for not just trekkers but leisure travelers as well. With just a km walk, you will reach a sweet lake surrounded by dense forests situated in Chattarkund. 
  • A blessed treat for the religious one. Just a little bit of walking through those oak forests and vast meadows, one can even have a glimpse of the Badrinath Temple.
  • We do not call such a meadow, mini-Switzerland for no reason. Where the winter snow brings along an adventurous treat for travelers by offering activities like skiing and snowboarding.

Itinerary for
Auli Gorson Bugyal Trek

This trek can easily be completed within a day

One can easily get done with this trek in just a day and head back quickly.  But ask yourself, do you just want to get done with just another trek or you want to let yourself free and enjoy every moment of the day.  
Before you head back to your day-to-day lives


  • Your journey begins in Delhi. Once you board a train/bus early in the morning from Delhi, you will reach Rishikesh in 6-7 hours. 
  • If you board a train, it will drop you at Haridwar Railway station. From there you can easily reach Rishikesh via Taxi (shared or private)
  • Today, afternoon you will spend getting to know the team you will be traveling with. And making sure that you are equipped for the journey.


  • After enjoying a tea break, you carry on with your journey towards Auli. Which will take you about 6-8 hours.
  • Once you have settled down, today you will be spending time in village Auli and let the place mesmerize and calm your mind with its raw beauty.
  • After a tiring journey, it is time for you to get settled for an overnight stay in a campsite/hotel and enjoy a lavish meal before you go to bed.

Day 03: Trek from Auli – Gorson Bugyal (3-6kms)

  • Start your day with the freshness and the scenic views of Auli village. 
  • After having Tea, you start with your journey from Auli to Gorson Bugyal located at 10,000ft. 
  • The walk might not be long, but it can be, depending on how hypnotized you are with such breathtaking sceneries. 
  • Now, it is time to pitch up your tents and start along with your day by getting lost amongst the flora and fauna you are enclosed within. 
  • Now it is time for a team effort of collecting wood and lighting up a fire to compliment your dinner.
  • After having dinner and stargazing, it is now time to fall asleep.

Day 04: Gorson Bugyal – Auli – Haridwar/Rishikesh (255kms)

  • Begin your day with the rising sun, let it flow through you. Taking along those beautiful memories turned into moments, you started your journey.
  • Don’t forget to pack up your tents and clean after yourself.
  • Reach Auli, enjoy your tea and breakfast. 
  • After spending some time in Auli and getting to be a part of the essence of Auli village.
  • It’s time to board your bus/train heading towards Rishikesh/Dehradun.

Day 05: Haridwar/Rishikesh – Delhi (220Kms)

  • After spending another relaxing evening and night in Auli. 
  • Today early morning after having a cup of tea you will board your Train from Haridwar railway station at 6:15 Am.
  • The Train will drop you in Delhi around noon.

How To Reach Gorson Bugyal From Major Cities?

Auli Gorson Bugyal is well connected with most of the towns and cities of Uttarakhand. Getting their guide below provides detailed information about to reach this place in the following ways:

 By Air

Unfortunately, there are no direct flights to Gorson Bugyal or Auli. In so many ways it is not unfortunate if one thinks about it. 

The nearest airport you will find is in Dehradun i.e., Jolly Grant Airport, 272kmsd away from Auli. So, if you are coming from a faraway city like Kerala or Mumbai, etc. You can fly to Dehradun and from there you move forward via Taxi or Bus.

 By Road

Once you’ve reached Rishikesh or Haridwar, from there one can hire a taxi or board a bus for Joshimath. Well, the journey continues, and hiring a taxi will lead you towards your next destination, Auli. 

Once you’ve reached Auli, you’ll carry on with your journey via foot/walking. A 3-5kms trek towards GorsonBugyal.

 By Train

Well, the same goes for Trains. There is no direct train till Auli or Gorson Bugyal, but one can choose this means of transportation to reach Rishikesh i.e., 256kms from Auli or Dehradun i.e., 294kms from Auli.

 By Ropeway

There’s another interesting way for you to reach closest to GorsonBugyal from Joshimath or Auli. As you can hop onto the Auli cable car, which will take you to the closest tower which is 2 km from Gorson Bugyal

Best time to Visit

  • If one is a journey freak, the most effective time to visit during the winter season from January to march to witness snow and snowfall.
  • The month from September to October will be the right time to visit Gorson Bugyal. As it offers beautiful green meadows during the trek.
  • June and July expect heavy rainfall in this region hence it’s not ideal for trekking in monsoon. Most roads remain blocked due to landslides in Uttarakhand.

Basic Preparation Before Going to the Trek

The truth is that we have all been mesmerized by the beauty of nature. But we also have seen the harshness and devastation nature can cause on the surroundings and one’s mind and body. It is always good to be prepared. 

Yes, everyone can do this trek. But you must train yourself, physically and mentally for the journey you would be going on. Get yourself a full body check-up before you leave. 

Many people say that if you have Asthma, TB, Blood-Pressure related problems, you cannot do this trek. That is not completely true, you can do it if you prepare yourself in advance. 

As a traveler, I have witnessed people with major Bronchial-Asthma reach the Khardungla-pass in Ladakh (18,500ft) and come back safe and sound. 

All it takes is being extra conscious about the preparations and training before you leave. 

Along with the pre-hand preparations, one must make a list and mention every important thing you will require to follow up on this journey. As you can only set yourself free within such a majestic place when you know you have everything you need to not just enjoy but be safe as well.

Trekking Gear

  • A pair of proper trekking shoes as a normal pair of shoes will not cut it.
  • A rain-proof pair of clothes. 
  • A proper 50-60ltr rucksack with rainproof cover. 
  • Must carry a trekking pole or a walking stick.
  • Warm clothes including, gloves, jacket, socks and maybe a shall. 
  • A headlamp or a torch

Medical Kit

Although there will be a full medical kit and supplies provided by the tours and travel company. 

  • First, if you have a serious medical condition, carry your medicines. As for Asthmatic patients, it is a must to carry their inhaler and an oxygen pump. 
  • Must carry all essential medicines for stomach ache, headache, etc. 
  • All kinds of Band-Aids for injuries.

Other Necessities

  • Must carry your identity documents.
  • Every kind of toiletries you might require.
  • Do not forget garbage bags, jungle knives, Matchbox, or a lighter and water bottle.
  • Mobile phone charger or even a power bank, depending on your requirements. 

Now that you are completely equipped and prepared for the journey that lies ahead. You cannot just enjoy but relax with your mind and body at ease.

When & Why One Must Visit Gorson Bugyal

If you want to witness the greener meadows than ever, with nearly every shade of green sparkling in front of your eyes. And camp out at Gorson Bugyal on that soft and lush green grass. For you, the right time would be September and October. 

If you want a snowfall experience you must visit during the winters. When the entire place is covered in a thick blanket of snow. You can take the advantage of the snow and if you are an adventure sporty enthusiast, skiing would just be at its peak in Auli during winters.

Well, while reading about the best times to visit the place. You must know when not to visit if you’re not an advanced-level trekker. With the arrival of monsoons during the months of June – August. A simple trek like Gorson Bugyal and turn towards a moderate one. As there are many Landslides in Uttarakhand during the rainy days. Due to which roads get blocked and you can end up getting stuck. 

An all-season place like Gorson Bugyal has been a major attraction for all kinds of travelers and trekkers. Simply because of the diversity of attractions, in and around this bugyal. 

But it all comes down to what kind of climate you want to experience on this trip.

Along with the breathtaking scenic views of Gorson Bugyal, there are a few places within 15kms. Taking some time out for these places would only bring you joy, that is for sure. 

From a religious perspective, a place like Kalpeshwar (9.5kms from GorsonBugyal) is lord Shiva’s Fifth Abode. And just about 15kms from Gorson Bugyal, you get a chance to feel one with the holiness of Rudra Nath – the third temple on the Panch Kedar Pilgrimage. There is another destination that you might not want to miss. Maybe it is time you take a deeper dive within the sweetness of a sweet water lake in the middle of a jungle known as Chattarkund, which is just about 2-3kms from the Gorson Bugyal.

If you feel your journey is still lacking something, maybe it is a dip in the lake within the lap of Himalayas. Let us take you off-beat for a dive, where you get to Trek to Kagbhusandi Lake.

Last but not the least, we all know that nature has blessed us with such precious and gem-like places. And the sanctity of such places is measured by their raw beauty. 

And it is our responsibility and duty to respect their serenity by not spreading garbage and even cleaning the waste even if it is not ours. At least this much we can do for nature, in return for all that nature does for us. 

We hope the moments you spend on this trip will someday be beautiful memories to cherish!