Cafes to chill in mussoorie



Mussoorie is one of the most famous hill stations in Uttarakhand, India. Travelers and tourists have been visiting Mussoorie for decades to escape the hustle-bustle of the city. The deodar trees, the scenic Garhwal Himalayan range views, and delicious food all make for an exceptional vacation.

Lying at the foothills of the Garhwal Himalayan range and standing tall at 6,578ft, Mussoorie has pleasant summers and faces heavy snowfall during the winters.

There are also many treks starting from Mussoorie such as – the Nag Tibba trek, Benog Hill trek, and Bhadraj trek.  If it is the trekking aspect of travelling that fascinates you, make sure to read on our blog about some of the Finest Unexplored trek in Uttarakhand. There is something for everyone in Mussoorie and below I have shared with you some interesting cafes to hang out at in Mussoorie. 

Mussoorie is famous for its traditional festivities which are celebrated over a few days. Some interesting festivals and fairs to attend are – Gheeya Sankranti (Olgia) which is now scarcely celebrated, falls around 16th August.

If you wish to be a part of the local festivities and learn about their culture, you must attend some of these celebrations. Some other fairs and festivals are – Uttarani, Autumn and Summer festivals, The Bhadraj Fair, Phooldeli, Hariyala, Bhikauti, and Samvastar.

Some of the best Cafes to Chill in Mussoorie

Cafe de Tavern

If you find yourself craving some delicious food after a day of shopping in main Mall Road, Cafe de Tavern is the place to be. This cafe has a unique ambiance, with an excellently curated bar and food menu.

You can pop into Cafe de Tavern for a hearty breakfast or spend the afternoon enjoying exotic beers. Cafe de Tavern is especially famous for its Italian cuisine, but they also serve various other mouth-watering delicacies. Its ideal location on the main road makes it easily accessible to all.

This cafe is very cozy and budget-friendly and you might just end up spending the whole day here. 

What you may enjoy the most is the all-day breakfast menu. The menu is created with famous places as names for the dishes.

They offer a variety of hot dogs and sandwiches that are a must-try. If the evenings get a bit chilly, pop onto Cafe de Tavern and savor a hot bowl of ‘soup of the day’. The espresso coffee at cafe de Tavern is like no other and will surely help you beat the chilly evenings. You can also try their various cocktails that are offered by the jug, for a fun evening.

The Glen

The Glen is the perfect getaway for city dwellers. If you are looking for a long weekend break in Mussoorie, The Glen is the place to be. It is located on Mall Road which makes it very easy to find. Their menu comprises delicious delicacies from around the world. From Lebanese, Chinese, Mediterranean, Thai, and Italian, The Glen will leave you wanting for more.

This cafe with a mesmerizing view of the doon valley attracts travelers and tourists from all over the world. It is also the only cafe with a pub-like ambiance to it that offers a wide variety on their bar menu. 

It is also a perfect spot for date nights and romantic evenings with your spouse. The live music performances at The Glen are held every evening. These unique services give The Glen a more hipster and chilled-out vibe. It is also budget-friendly, given the wide range of menu they offer.

The ambiance of The Glen is so alluring that even the locals find themselves enjoying pleasant evenings at this cafe. The cafe is also centrally located at Westend House, which makes it nearly impossible to miss. The Glen is open till approximately midnight, which gives you enough time to shop at mall road, rest and explore other places and crash at The Glen for a drink and delicious dinner.


Kalsang is one of the busiest cafes at Mall Road and is famously known for their mouth-watering momos and shaptak. Their menu, though serves many cuisines, it exclusively offers the best in Tibetan, Asian and Chinese delicacies in the area. Their warm and cozy ambiance instantly relaxes you after a big day of exploring Mussoorie.

The interiors are not very bright, and the subtle lighting makes you feel at home. You will also be pleased to know that Kalsang is open after-hours for those who enjoy night-walks and would like to stop for a warm cup of coffee or late snacks. 

If you are a true food enthusiast, do not forget to try some of their specialties such as – Tom Yum Goong, Ma Po Tofu, Gong Bao Chicken, and Sizzlers. The menu is fairly priced and would not burn a hole in your pocket, which makes Kalsang a hot spot among young travelers.

Kalsang also provides its customers with free wi-fi services, which is an added benefit. Once you enter the cafe it seems as though you have entered another world. The atmosphere inside Kalsang is silent and comforting, that allows you to take a breath away from the crowd and noise.

Cafe Ivy

Located near Chardukhan, Landour Cantt is this quaint little cafe called Cafe Ivy. Elle Decor has even featured a story about the rustic European interiors of the cafe. The cafe was designed by Aditi Sharma Design Studio and they sure did a wonderful job. The structure of the cafe has not been tampered with but rather they used natural elements to rebuild the cafe.

The cafe also has a small library and offers a magnificent view of the Himalayas. The cozy and super comfortable seats and cushions make it just impossible to leave this place. The wide balcony includes a fireplace to keep you warm on chilly winter days. 

The winter line, which is a weather phenomenon that can be seen from the cafe, makes for some majestic sunset evenings. It is said that Cafe Ivy offers the best coffee in town, and pairs perfectly with a good book. The cafe has a 25 people limited seating which makes it a cozy and quiet place to just chill and relax.

The interiors of the cafe have been carefully curated to soothe your soul. There is also a historic church (1839) near the cafe, that provides the European rustic look for those entering the cafe. For those of you who enjoy silence and are looking for a hideout in the mountains, Cafe Ivy is the place for you.

Landour Bakehouse

This exotic bakehouse is a replica of a 19th-century kitchen and bakery. It was the hard work of the brother-sister duo, Sanjay and Rachna Narang that has made this cafe a success. While they are famous for their freshly baked goods and delicious coffee, they also have a wide menu.

One must-try dish at the Landour Bakehouse is the Mulmuly kebab crepe. You can also see the reflection of the Landour Cookbook in their menu as a tribute. Starting from vanilla-based cookies to dense chocolate brownies, you will be left wanting for more. The cafe is located in Sisters Bazaar and just impossible to miss as almost all roads lead to the Bakehouse. 

The view of the Himalayas and the rustling of the pine trees along with a warm cup of joe, will simply make your day. The moment you step into this bakery, it’s like entering Narnia. As though you have been transported back into time and can relive the good old days. The bakery also has various books for sale and was frequently visited by Ruskin Bond.

This is a must-visit cafe, especially if you are visiting Mussoorie for the time. The Landour Bakery is your perfect escape from the city, where you can simply lose yourself and relax.


Named after the writer Emily Eden, who was also the sister of the then governor-general, cafe Emily is a must-visit. The cafe is built inside the Rokeby Manor, which was built in 1840. It is one of the most iconic structures that still holds its charm while providing its guests with all required modern facilities.

The Rokeby Manor is true to its name as it gives off a very Victorian vibe. The names of the rooms are based on the local flowers such as – Rhododendron and Rose Room and are decorated by the theme. The rooms also overlook the Tea Garden and the Doon Valley, giving it a majestic view. 

While at Emily’s you can eat to your heart’s content any cuisine you desire, they are also readily available to take care of gluten-free and vegan delicacies. The Rokeby Manor and the in-built restaurant are very well equipped and are up to date with all the necessary amenities you might need.

Wilson’s corner in the Rokeby Manor is a bookworm’s paradise. This special corner holds a variety of books for avid readers and one can spend hours in this corner. If you want to simply enjoy the day pampering yourself, you can visit the Spa-Shed for facials, massages, and other relaxing activities.


Mussoorie is well known and almost everyone’s favorite hill station. It has been used as a shoot location for many movies that makes this place even more famous. No matter how many tourists visit Mussoorie each year, it still hasn’t lost its charm and always welcomes its guests with open arms. You can easily reach Mussoorie by air, flight, or road, depending on your convenience. Finding an accommodation according to budget is also relatively easy and there are various activities and places to explore to enjoy your trip. 

Nevertheless, please be sure to clean up after yourself and do your part in keeping the mountains clean.