chanshal Pass Trek

a comprehensive guide


The Chanshal pass is known to be one of the finest offbeat treks near Shimla. A place like Chanshal Valley is a treat for your eyes where you get to witness the beauty of a mountain valley blessed with lushy pastures enclosed within such ecstatic shades of flowers. 

Chanshal valley not only treats your eyes but the peaceful essence of the place calms your mind as well. A place where not just the destination but even the drive is so breathtaking that you might just end up making memories lasting a lifetime. 

You’ll trek through such dense and majestic Deodar and pine forests covered in snow during the winter months. Slowly the forests diversify in various kinds of vegetation as you get closer to the pass. Chanshal Pass or valley comes under the Shimla District of Himachal Pradesh, which is around 170kms from Shimla and at a height of 4550meters. This pass can be reached by a motorable road but it is only open during the snow-free seasons. 

An interesting fact is that this pass connects one of the most deserted villages like Rohru to the villages of Dodra Kwar. Nearly a 100km road that connects these villages, is known as the highest elevation point of the whole drive. A remote place like this is an ideal location for nomadic travelers as not many people visit. During your journey to Chanshal Valley, you will experience driving through the narrowest roads you’ve ever traveled on. 

Chanshal valley is situated on the highest peak around this region, the Chanshal Peak. And the reason behind a blanket of snow over the peaks and the valleys. During those few summer days where the size of the snow blanket faces major decline, it is like the golden days for photographers and various other artists.  

As the changing colors of the peaks and valleys send blissful shivers down your spine. One gets to witness the changes from the rush in the mind to calmness, walking alongside the change in colors.

Key Highlights of Chanshal Pass Trek

  • If you’re an adventure enthusiast and you seek thrill in every one of your travels. Well, in some ways the essence of the ride towards Chanshal pass is calling you to get your Bike and the gear out. 
  • Imagine the adrenaline rush of going against the wind, with such out-of-the-world views. Where a journey of merely a few hours would take a few extra ones. 
  • A photographer’s dreamland, where the enchanting views of the sun shining over snow-capped peaks would force you to take your cameras out. 
  • A trekker’s paradise, for the ones who like to spend their journey walking. Imagine yourself becoming one with nature, while it takes you to your destination. 
  • A well-known Hatkoti Temple is a must-visit site if you are planning on Chanshal Pass Trek. 
  • If it is a dive within the freshness and serenity of a lake that you are looking for, make sure to take some time out and plan a trip to the Mantali Lake.
  • While you are on the drive towards Chanshal Pass, don’t forget to indulge in some necessary tea breaks while appreciating the scenic beauty of the Pabbar River. 
  • A not-so-known place yet a paradise for Birdwatchers and Photographers, where the effects of climate change are still lesser on the scale.

Itinerary for
Chanshal Pass Trek

One can easily go for Chanshal pass trek for a weekend getaway. We are sure that even the thought of planning a trip for a long weekend, makes one feel like traveling into the future. After all, everyone deserves a break from a routine life cycle where nothing is surprising you.

Yes, running with time in the current world scenario has become a necessity but do not forget to turn your weekend into a long one. Just because you deserve it. 

First, you need to know that there can be multiple itineraries made for Chanchal pass trek. Many different routes are leading you towards the Chanshal Valley.

Day 01: DELHI – SHIMLA (345Kms)

  • Your journey begins in Delhi. Once you have boarded a Train/Bus for Shimla, it’ll take you nearly 8-9 hours before you reach Shimla.
  • There are no Direct Trains to Shimla, which will divide your journey into two parts. 
  • You can board a flight to Shimla from Delhi, which drop you at your destination within 4-5hrs. 
  • Spend the Evening in Shimla, exploring the colorful markets and the famous Mall road.

Day 02: SHIMLA – KHARAPATHAR – (85Kms)

  • After a relaxing evening and a good night’s sleep in Shimla. Wake up to a beautiful Sunrise. 
  • A cup of tea and breakfast would be a great start for the day. 
  • Moving on with your Journey, the following drive will take you about 5 hours until you arrive at Kharapathar. 
  • A place that’ll make you feel the essence of time falling still. 
  • There are many options of Accommodations here but for those, who are here to be with nature. Camping sounds just about right. 
  • It’s time for a good night’s sleep, as a long journey waits for you.

Day 03: KHARAPATHAR – ROHRU (75kms)

  • Begin your day with early breakfast and chai. While the scenic beauty of Kharapathar and the thought of reaching the destination keep your adrenaline high. 
  • Enjoy your ride towards Gir Ganga’s known Hatkoti Temple.
  • Time for a short Tea break and to be one with the holiness and the positivity surrounding Hatkoti Temple.
  • It is time for you to explore and relax as well, while you watch yourself feeling free and mesmerized by the mystical beauty of an isolated town like Rohru.
  • We are sure after a long journey on the road and within, you must feel hungry and tired. 
  • Time for a lavish dinner and a better night’s sleep.


  • Waking to a Sunrise is a must-do in places like Rohru. While sipping from your cup of tea and having breakfast, your plan for the trip ahead. 
  • Journey to Chanshal Pass is another 50Kms ride. 
  • Time for you to sit tight, while your eyes remain wide open because of such mystical sceneries. 
  • Reaching Chanshal Pass and watching the light and the wind shining and piercing through the snow-capped peaks, is what you came for. 
  • So, might as well stay a little longer and look down the Chanshal valley and watch it shine. 
  • Slowly but surely, you hold on to the moments and move back to Rohru. Where an overnight stay awaits your return.

Day 05: ROHRU – SHIMLA (160Kms) – DELHI

  • Last day in Rohru for you to watch the sunrise and let the peaceful isolation of the place flow through you. 
  • After a morning tea, your breakfast waits for you. 
  • As the journey to Shimla is long. 
  • You will have a few tea breaks in between for sure, as there is no rush. 
  • Your accommodation and food will be ready in Shimla. 
  • Depending on the timing of your Flight/Train/Bus, you head back home.

As we mentioned before that this trek can be done within 3 days as well but during those days, you will be more exhausted by constantly moving. 

While the itinerary mentioned above will give ample time to explore the places, where you have come as a getaway from your tiresome and monotonous lives.

Best Time To Visit Chanshal Pass Trek

Heavenly places like Chanshal Pass or Valley face heavy winds and chilliness throughout the year. The winds at the top of the pass are so sharp and thick, without any coverage you cannot stand there for too long.

During the months from October end till the beginning of May, the entire region remains buried under such a thick blanket of snow. Blocking the entire valley for motorable purposes. During such times there is an opening only for a week or 2, just as soon as September ends. That is the time for those who like to test their limits, travel junkies.  

The months from May till July, are the best time for all kinds of travelers to visit Chanshal Pass Trek. The place remains dry and not too cold, with still a little bit of snow on the top for you. During these months, you bet to witness the valleys booming with blooming flowers and lusty green pastures.

Usually, with the beginning of July and till August ends, the monsoons play a major role in maintaining the isolation of the place. As they bring along landslides and uncertainties, making Chanshal valley inaccessible. 

An important fact to keep in mind would be the temperature, which usually dips every night and even in the summers it can reach zero or lesser degrees

Hence, the months of May till July are the best time for you to be mesmerized by the enchanting, isolated beauty of Chanshal Pass or Valley. Those who are willing to see the moderate side of Chanshal Pass Trek would be willing to trek up in the first week of October because that is the time where you get to witness the first snowfall.

Basic Preparation Before Going to the Trek

Knowing how harsh nature can get at times, it is always necessary to prepare oneself before moving forward on a journey that might test you mentally and physically. 

Getting yourself a full body checkup is a must, along with the medicines if you are already suffering from any sickness. 

Along with preparing your body for the trip, you will need to think of anything you would require on your journey and just note it down. It is simple, if you want to enjoy it to the full extent during the journey being prepared is the first step towards setting your mind free.

Basic Necessities

  • A reliable pair of trekking shoes with solid grip, as a normal pair of shoes, will not work. 
  • A sturdy backpack with a rainproof cover should be at least 50-60 liters. 
  • Few extra pairs of warm clothes including both the light and the heavy ones. 
  • Remember to pack up your rain-proof gear.
  • A walking stick or a proper trekking pole. 
  • A torch or a headlamp is a must. 
  • Other things like Garbage Bags, jungle knife, water bottle, and a matchbox
  • Last but not the least, your identification documents.
Medical Kit & Supplies

  • Please carry your medicine if you have any pre-defined health issues. 
  • All kinds of band-aids for any emergencies 
  • Medicines for Nausea, stomachache, headache, etc. 
  • Toiletries that might come in handy during the journey.

Although there will always be a proper First-Aid kit including oxygen pump and cylinders provided by the tours and travels company you have booked your trip from.

Why Chanshal Pass Trek Should Be on Everyone’s Bucket List

One of the major reasons Chanshal valley should be on your list is the serenity of the place maintained by its isolation. An untouched beauty that offers a vast variety of panoramic views and spectacular activities. Whereas for a biker, it would be a ride to remember for a lifetime with such dramatic twists and turns. Even for photographers, the Chanshal pass is a paradise if you are passionate about Nature and Wildlife Photography. With such diversity in flora and Fauna, you would not get a chance to put your camera back in the back. 

The majestic beauty of a place is enchanting for everyone and not just for some specific genre of traveler. As for a family, this trip can be a rejuvenating experience to witness and be a part of.

As you know, the mystical diversity of Mother Nature that encloses the enchanting land of Himachal Pradesh, which includes an enthralling journey to the Buran Ghati.

For people who are traveling with no fixed itinerary, this hidden gem of a place can be a one-way ticket in many ways. As the nearby areas are so beautiful that you might just end up reaching somewhere you never planned on visiting but still would cherish for a lifetime.

We’re sure that you’re already thinking of planning a trip to Chanshal valley. 

 As we all know how climate change and we humans have disrespected nature in so many ways. Now there are not so many such isolated places left, where there is still no trace of climate change. A heartfelt request from our team to leave the place the way they were when you entered and clean after yourself. That’s all a remote place like Chanshal Valley askes for in return for helping you make blissful memories and experiences.