Khaliya Top Trek

a comprehensive guide

It is time we take you towards the feeling of being on top of the world. Where you stand tall in front of the mighty Himalayas and the 360degree view of the entire terrain. At Khaliya top you will be standing at an altitude of over 3000meters, watching the world that looks so small from this angle.

The Khaliya Top Experience, Where You Look at Life Blooming from a Bird Eye Perspective.


The true beauty lies within the essence of a place and such is the journey of a traveler. Wandering from one beautiful destination to another, creating moments into memories. The enchanting beauty of God’s Land Uttarakhand is so diverse that you might just end up living here. Let us take you to a spellbinding snow-capped meadow named Khaliya Top, situated at an altitude of over 3500meters. A sight like no other where the mighty Panchachuli peaks are standing tall along with Nanda Kot and Rajrambha. 

Khaliya Top is located near a beautiful town named Munsiyari, which has often been called the ‘Mini Kashmir’ of Uttarakhand. The magnificent beauty of this town has been a home for tourists from all over the globe and that too for many years now. A place that has something to offer for every kind of traveler, wanderer, or even mountaineer. 

A trek that is yet to be discovered by many, as there are numerous hiking trails in Uttarakhand. Khaliya Top is enclosed within such mesmerizing scenic beauty of Himalayan Peaks. Along with those dense forests of Oak, Pine and spruce will take you closer and closer to the essence of this place. The diversity of Flora and Fauna will be something your mind and soul will cherish. Where the Rhododendrons of such ecstatic shade of red have splashed all over the place, simply pleasing your eyes. As the region is rich with nature, you might witness the beauty of various wildlife species like Jackals, Pine Martens, Fox, and even bears. Khaliya Top Trek is a splendid treat for adventure seekers as it offers an enthralling trekking trail and a few other activities as well.

It’s true that once you have witnessed the beauty and the serenity of Khaliya Top, you come back at least once to relive your memories.

Key Highlights of Khaliya Top Trek

  • As the winters cover the place in a thick blanket of snow, it is a calling for the adventurous ones. As the rising sun brings you an adventure of Skiing & Paragliding over snow-capped alpine slopes under the bright blue sky of winters.
  • A blessing for photographers as the majestic and scenic beauty of Himalayan Peaks Like Nanda Devi, Nanda Kot, Hardeol, RajRambha & the Panchachuli might just take your breath away. 
  • Khaliya Top trek is a mind-blowing trail where the journey is as beautiful as the destination. As the trail will make you hike through those Rhododendron and Oak forests, you will feel like being within a nowhere land of Nature.
  • At an altitude of 4000meters when you reach the zero point, it will make you turn round and round. An enchanting sight like none other as the 360degree view of the entire terrain takes you to a different world altogether.
  • The land of exotic Birds also known as the Khalia Top. A place where the ecstatic shades of rare birds will make you take out your cameras even if you are not a photographer. 
  • As a traveler, if the thrill behind a trek sends shivers down your spine, make sure to take some time out to not just read our blog but also plan your journey of trekking towards the Darma Valley.
  • If you are a seeker of peace and calmness, the forests within this region will present you with the serenity of isolation. 
  • As you know Khaliya Top is located near Munsiyari, a spellbinding and a major attraction for travelers visiting Khaliya Top. A town that has a beauty of its own, from dense forests to an exceptional Himalayan view and a beautiful little market. 
  • For travelers who are looking for a camping getaway, Khaliya Top is a spot one must not miss. As the night sky with such breathtaking star trails from your camp will take you towards another dreamland of a universe


Itinerary for
Khaliya Top Trek 

Khaliya Top trek is one of the finest trekking trails for those who are looking for a long weekend getaway for their monotonous lifestyles. The serene beauty of Khaliya Top and the nearby places are meant to be savored with patience and no rush. That is the way one gets an opportunity to become one with the essence of a place.

As the current world scenario has shaken up everyone’s roots, make sure you turn your planned getaway from a weekend to a long weekend. 

A note to fellow travelers, there can be different itineraries for this region. Depending on your time frame, whether you just want to finish the trek and leave or explore nearby areas as well.

Day 01: DELHI – KATHGODAM (275kms) – ALMORA (100kms) – BAGESHWAR (74kms)

  1. Your journey begins from Delhi late evening, where you will board your Train/Bus that will drop you at Kathgodam
  2. After reaching Kathgodam early morning, catch your breath and have a cup of tea or coffee. 
  3. The next stage of your journey will take you from here till Almora, driving for nearly 3more hours.
  4. After a little while in Almora, we head towards Bageshwar where you will spend the night.


  1. We begin our journey early with the sunrise. After tea and breakfast, we head towards Munsiyari.
  2. Make sure to enjoy the enchanting scenic views of your drive to Birthi Waterfalls.
  3. After a long and tiresome ride till Birthi Falls, we take a break here. 
  4. Time to get wet under the Birthi waterfalls and sort after you have washed off all your tiredness, lunchtime. 
  5. After filling our stomachs with delicious food, now we head towards Munsiyari. 
  6. After another 2-hour drive, you are welcomed by the majestic Panchachuli peaks in Munsiyari
  7. This is where we spend the night.

Day 03: MUNSIYARI – BHUJANI (Trek – 4kms)

  1. Wake up with the rising sun and let the enchanting beauty of Munsiyari send shivers down your spine.
  2. While the Himalayas shine in front of you, you take a sip of your tea, and the first rays of sun falling on you. 
  3. After such a beautiful start of the day, we have a little breakfast as the trek begins. 
  4. After making sure everyone is fully equipped, we leave for Bhujani Basecamp.
  5. A 4 – 5 hour walk amongst the oak forests while the fragrance of rhododendron flowers simply complements the walk.
  6. Make sure to be careful, as the trek is a bit steep climb till the campsite.
  7. While trekking you get to treat your eyes with the Panchachuli peaks. 
  8. Spend the night here at Bhujani Campsite where you get to watch an enchanting view of the star trails in the sky.

Day 04: BHUJANI – KHALIYA TOP (6kms) – ZERO POINT (1kms)

  1. Start your day early with a cup of coffee in your hand, while the first rays of sunrise fall off the Himalayas.
  2. After making the most out of the morning vibes of the place, we start our journey to Khaliya Top.
  3. The trek till Khaliya Top will take you nearly 5-6hours as the walk is steep yet beautiful. 
  4. Remember to not rush yourself and savor every moment of your journey. 
  5. As you move forward towards Khaliya Top, the vastness of alpine meadows welcomes you with open arms.
  6. Time to take your bags down at the campsite on Khaliya Top and set yourself free within the scenic views from Khaliya Top.
  7. Another 1 km of a walk, what you see is the zero point, where the 360degree views of the entire terrain and the Himalayas will simply send you into dreamland.
  8. Spend the night near the bonfire and the spellbinding night skies from Khaliya Top.


  1. Wake up early with the sunrise and watch yourself turning those moments spent here into memories.
  2. After some tea and breakfast, we descend towards Munsiyari.
  3. As it is a descend from Khaliya Top till Munsiyari, it will take less time than one would imagine.
  4. By the time we reach Munsiyari, your stomachs will be asking for a treat. 
  5. The whole evening is yours to spend as you wish to, as we stay overnight in Munsiyari.
  6. Next morning, it is time for you to head back. Unless, you are excited after reading our blog on the mystical beauty of Didihat and want to visit the place.


  1. Leaving early in the morning from Munsiyari will take you to KathGodam late in the evening.
  2. Refresh yourself with some food and beverages before you leave.
  3. As the Buses are already waiting for you and others to hop on.
  4. Driving overnight on the Bus and you will be in Delhi early in the morning.

The itinerary mentioned above lets you explore the place to the fullest, as you have come for a well-deserved long get away from your regular lives of 9 – 6. As mentioned above, this trek can be done in a total of 4 days and 3 nights but if you want to travel in a rush and cannot take a break longer than that.

Basic Preparation Before Going to the Trek

Along with the pre-hand preparations, one must make a list and mention every important thing you will require to follow up on this journey. As you can only set yourself free within such a majestic place when you know you have everything you need to not just enjoy but be safe as well.

Trekking Gears

  • A pair of proper trekking shoes as a normal pair of shoes won’t cut it.
  • A rain-proof pair of clothes are must. 
  • A proper 50-60ltr rucksack that comes with a rainproof cover. 
  • Must carry a trekking pole or a walking stick, as your journey might be on a steep ascend.
  • Warm clothes including, gloves, jacket, socks and maybe a shall. 
  • A headlamp or a torch is must.
Medical Kit & Supplies

  • If you have a serious medical condition, carry your medicines. As for Asthmatic patients, it is a must to carry their inhaler and an oxygen pump. 
  • Must carry all essential medicines for, stomachache, headache, etc. 
  • All kinds of Band-Aids for injuries.
Other Supplies

  • Must carry your identity documents.
  • Every kind of toiletries you might require.
  • Do not forget garbage bags, jungle knives, Matchbox, or a lighter and water bottle.

Mobile phone charger or even a power bank, depending on your requirements. 

Although there will be a full medical kit and supplies provided by the tours and travel company. 

Now that you are completely equipped and prepared for the journey that lies ahead. You cannot just enjoy but relax with your mind and body at ease.

Seasonal Guide to Khaliya Top Trek

Honestly, an all-season place like Munsiyari and Khaliya Top does not need a seasonal guide. It all depends on what kind of season you would prefer to visit. 

With the arrival of spring and summer, the weather becomes pleasant, and the Himalayas are shining under the bright blue skies. And the valleys are blooming with the diversity of flowers and the wildlife in jungles. 

During Monsoons, it is advisable to avoid traveling in higher-up Himalayan regions. As the drastic number of rainfalls cause many landslides and roads get blocked. Despite that fact, the beauty of Munsiyari and Khaliya Top is something else during the monsoon, with the lush green grass and the denser mist that covers this region

As for the ones who just cannot take the idea of snow out of their minds, the winters are here when the beauty of snow-capped mountains is enchanting enough to send bliss full shivers down your spine. You might just get lucky to experience the first snowfall in Munsiyari that happens usually in the mid of December.

If the weather lies on your side, maybe you can take detour and see the true wilderness of mother nature that encloses the Trek to Kafni Glacier.

Why Khaliya Top Trek Should Be on Everyone’s Bucket List

A place where you get to set yourselves from within such serene isolation and even the adventure and adrenaline rush it brings along. A treat for every traveler in the form of whatever they desire from this journey. One can get lost and be one with the silence and music of Nature. 

Whereas the activities like paragliding and skiing will satisfy the adventurer within you. 

If it is the golden and shining Himalayan view you are looking for then the Sunrise and Sunsets on Panchachuli peaks from here are a sight to savor.

As there are rarely any places accessible via road, where you get to witness one of the most magnificent views of Panchachuli.

A heartfelt request from our team to leave the place the way they were and clean after yourself. That is all a remote place like Khaliya Top & Munsiyari askes for in return for you making captivating memories and experiences.