Khatling Glacier Trek

a comprehensive guide


Located in the Tehri district of Garhwal, Uttarakhand, Khatling Glacier known for its high, calm and beautiful hills. This place is one of the five major glaciers in Uttarakhand. Khatling Glacier of Garhwal Himalaya is a very lusty glacier due to the source of Bhilangana River.

There are many trekking trails Garhwal region in India, Khatling Glacier is an important favourite trek among them which lies an altitude of 3900 meters. You can never forget the experience of trekking in the Garhwal region.

Tourists Attraction Places At Khatling Glacier

The trek to Khatling Glacier begins from Ghuttu, which is located 62 kilometres from Tehri. The total distance of this route is about 45 kilometres which pass via the small villages of Garhwal. The forests of Kharas making it more thrilling and enlightening. There are some thick ice peaks exist around the Himalayas.

It’s known as the Jogin Group, the Spistle Priest Barta Kaur, Kirti Stambh and Meru. Khatling Glacier Himalayas peak is the most spectacular and attractive peak of Uttrakhand. During this trek, one will pass through many important places like Reh, Gangi, Kalyani and Bhomkugufa, tourists are truly left seeing the green meadows in the trek and get to know culture and heritage of Uttarakhand. Reeh and Gangi and Bhilangana valley are suitable for camping and taking rest.

In short, the most amazing parts of this trek include:

  • Khatling Glacier trek is very adventurous that begins from Ghuttu in Tehri district some splendid scenic beauty.
  • A breathtaking view of mountains such as the Jaonli, Thalay Sagar, Bharte Khunta and Kirti Stambh at the Masartal.
  • Spend your quality moments soaking in the beauties of nature by camping at the Sahasratal, Masar Tal and Vasuki Tal.
  • Replete with stunning views of snow-capped peaks, hanging glaciers and remarkable caves exhibiting unique flora.
  • Travels along with the Bhilangana river valley delight lovers and trekkers.
  • People with diverse culture, lifestyle in small villages and hamlets are also tourist attractions of this trek.
  • One can also visit Panwali Kantha and Trijuginarayan Temple while returning.

Itinerary for
Khatling Glacier Trek

This trek can easily be completed within 5-6 days.

Day 01: Delhi- Haridwar – Rishikesh (6-7 hours)

Depart early in the morning from Delhi to Haridwar, meet your respective guide and transfer to Rishikesh, you check into the hotel after reaching in Rishikesh. Enjoy the local sightseeing in Rishikesh in the evening and stay overnight in the there.

Day 02 : Rishikesh to Ghuttu village (170 km/ 9 hrs)

Early in the morning, begins a journey to Ghuttu village by road about 9 hours of long travelling. One can see beautiful scenic valley including Ganga valley, Alaknanda valley, and Bhilangana river valley on the way to Ghuttu. Once reach there, you can stay overnight in rest house or camp.

Day 03: Ghuttu to Reeh (10 Km/ 5 hours)

Your second day trek begins from Ghuttu with breakfast. Your trek distance is about 10 km to the scenic hamlets of Reeh, which locally known as Reeh Chhani. You will pass through the Deolang village, Chir Pine, Rhododendron forests, and thick groves of bamboo.

The entire trails go steep uphill while beginning your trails river Devling valley. Once reach Reeh, there are many flat meadows for site camp. Stay overnight there. 

Day 04: Reeh – Gangi (12 km/ 6 hours)

The morning begins with breakfast and all essential needs for fourth day treks. The trek to Gangi village offers beautiful green meadows, and amazing vies of Panwali Kantha grassland. When you reach Gangi village, you will also encounter the local lifestyle of this Valley. You can have your dinner and stay overnight in the camp.

Day 05: Gangi – Kharsali (11 kms/5 hrs)

In the morning, begin your trek to Kharsali, just one hour of treks you will reach Deokhri Channi. And a half an hour through the forest takes you to a fork in the trail beyond the Kalyani. You will continue the trail to the left to Khatling and on the right leads to Sahastratal lake trail.

It is two hours trekking to Kharsali, a large meadow surrounded by conifers and Oaks, is the best place taking rest and overnight camping.

Day 06: Kharsali – Bhedikharag (6 hours)

In the morning, start for 6 hours trek to Bhedikharag, once you crossed Kharsali stream, the trail continues further to Bhelbagi, a forest track. Moving ahead from Bhelbagi, you can get chance to Bhumkodaar cave and Tamakund cave best known for its exotic flora. then almost one hour of treks you will reach the best camping place at Bhedikharg for overnight in Camp.

Day 07: Bhedikharag to Khatling, Return to Bhedikharag (11 km /6 hrs one way)

In the morning, after taking breakfast, you begin your trek to Zero points at Khatling Glacier. You will walk on rock paths through glacier morains then finally reach to beautiful picturesque location khatling Glacier the elevation of 3900m. You can spend some quality time here, and you will return to Bhedikharag. You have your dinner and night stay in the Bhedikharag.

Day 08: Bhedikharag – Gangi (11 kms/ 3 hrs)

Your trek begins to Gangi village in the morning, you will walk through enticing view of the village scene. After reaching Gangi, you can have your lunch here and enjoy the local village life and stay overnight in the camp or hotel.

Day 09: Gangi- Panwali Kantha Grasslands (11 kms/9 – 10 hrs)

In this morning, you will trek towards to Panwali Kantha grasslands during this trial, you will cross through Bhilangana tributary where you will witness the beautiful picture of khatling glacier through this trail. 

Day 10: Panwali Kantha Grasslands – Maggu Chatti (5 – 6 hours)

The trek to Maggu Chatti can begin in the late morning after taking breakfast. A small hamlet, set amidst flat terraced fields will make you mesmerising once reach at Maggu Chatti. You have your dinner and night stay at camp in Maggu Chatti.

Day 11: Maggu Chatti To Trijuginarayan, Then Head To Gaurikund

Early morning begin the trek to Trijuginarayan after breakfast. In this trek, you will move through Oak and Rhodendron patches. Once you reach Trijuginarayan, you can visit holy Trijuginarayan temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu. From Trijuginarayan You will continue a 3 – 4 hour journey to Gaurikund and Dinner and overnight stay in the camp.

Day 12: Gaurikund to Haridwar – (235 kms/8 – 9 hrs) by Road

From Gaurikund, you will start your return journey by road to Haridwar. If you are travelling to Delhi, you can halt overnight at Haridwar and head to Delhi next day morning.

How To Reach Khatling Glacier From Major Cities?

The best route for Khatling Glacier Trek

Generally, there are three main routes to Khatling Glacier trek.

  • Khatling Glacier Trek Through Ghuttu Village
  • Khatling Glacier Trek Through Gangotri
  • Khatling Glacier Trek Through A Small Village

The most popular and convenient route is Ghuttu village which usually begins from the enchanting popular yoga & meditation center of India Rishikesh and the end of the trekking to the spiritual holy city of Haridwar.

 By Air

You can take a direct flight to Jolly Grant Airport, Dehradun. It is the nearest airport located in a distance of 170km from Ghuttu. You can get a flight to Dehradun from all major cities in India. It’s better to Hire a cab /taxi to Rishikesh and then opt bus for Ghuttu village.

 By Road

Your journey for Khatling Glacier trek starts from Rishikesh, you will get many Valvo buses and express trains to Rishikesh from major cities. You can also reach Haridwar which is about 20 km from there and later you can enter Rishikesh. If you travel from Delhi, you can take bust or taxi to Rishikesh and then travel by road to Ghuttu village or gourikund.

 By Train

Haridwar Railway Station is the nearest railway station which well connected with all major cities. If you travel by train to Haridwar, you can halt sometimes at Haridwar, visit sightseeing of Ganga Ghats and holy Temples then move to Rishikesh.

Best time to Visit

Summers (May – June) is the best time to travel to Khatling Glacier Trek. is after Monsoon (September – October), is another ideal time to travel this trek, you can avoid difficulties in the trek, and one can enjoy the cool breeze and pleasing weather during the trek.

Is Khatling Glacier Trek Right for You?

The trail of this trek is easy in the beginning then the difficulty. Initially, the trek is smooth until you reach the meadows in the Chowki. This trek after the Chowki is difficult as this route leads to the high steep altitude region. The terrain gets tough as you move towards your final destination. You greeted by a terrain dominated by boulders and thin ice which make the condition tricky.

Basic Preparation Before Going to the Trek

When you go for a long trek in the Himalayas, you go for a hike you must have basic preparation before going to trek.

  • It is important to have some stick with you, which will help you to walk upwards and reduce the pressure on the knees.
  • Hard wooden with good grip sticks handy in Himalayan tracking.
  • As the Himalayas weather changes frequently, it is advisable to keep rain or snow gear with you at all times.
  • Mandatory Documents- when you are preparing for travelling/ trekking, always carry some photocopy of identity card- Aadhar Card, Driving License, Voters ID, etc. 
  • Keep medical certificate filled by the Doctor and by the Trekker. Do not carry unnecessary items on a trek that only makes the backpack heavy.
  • Trekker must require proper conditioning & training, carry good photo gear & extra battery backup for capture beautiful landscapes. (recommended)
  • Prepare yourself to carry for long hours and keep in minds backpack should not exceed 10 to 12 kg. 
  • You will need good waterproof, walking or running shoes or boots with crampons features that protect from cut and twists.

Things To Carry On this Trek

  • All camping gears such as First Aid Flashlight, Survival Shovel, Crampons And Gaiters
  • Portable tea coffee maker
  • Comfortable Sleeping bags with Mattress, Liner, Pillow, UV Sunglasses
  • Raincoat or umbrella
  • Travel guide and printout of route map (keep at least 2 copy)
  • Supportive shoes specially designed for the length and terrain of trekking.
  • High-quality tents for camping with twin share basis
  • Eateries such as chocolate, chewing gum, chips, biscuits, candy and so on.
  • Breakfast tea, coffee, snacks, soup, packed lunch and dinner
  • Well Experience Trek guide and Technical guide
  • Ultimate Survival Kit
  • Storm proof Match Kit
  • Water Filter Bottle
  • Personal toiletry kit- hand wash, lip balm, cream, toilet paper, paper soap, toothbrush, paste etc.
  • Smart watch and compass
  • A couple of candles
  • Plastic Zip Lock Bags