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Based in the lap of the Himalayas in Himachal Pradesh, is the Lama Dugh trek. Himachal is known for its vastness, unimaginable beauty, and stunning Himalayas. The Lama Dugh trek is not just beautiful but is also very calming for the soul. Himachal Pradesh is the ‘Land of Gods’ that is home to many spiritual and religious travelers. Maintaining the sacred space of this holy land is quite essential. This land is home to several historic pilgrimage sites such as Jwala Ji Temple, Bijli Mahadev, Naina Devi Temple, Baijnath Temple, to name a few.

While maintaining the religious heritage of this holy land, Himachal Pradesh also relies heavily on tourism for the growth of its economy. Hill stations such as khajjiar, Kullu, Kasauli, Dharamshala, and many more destinations are extremely popular among domestic and foreign tourists. Tourists and travelers from every corner of the world have been visiting Himachal Pradesh since the early 1950s to experience this mysterious land.

Even though this one of the simplest treks in Himachal, your safety is of utmost importance. As suggested by many travelers, the best time to do the Lama dugh trek is before or after the monsoons or during the winters. . If this is the first time you are trekking, the Lama Dugh trek is a smart choice.

Himachal is an ideal location for all kinds of travelers as it is safe and the many delicacies available make you feel at home. For those of you who are a bit more adventurous and don’t know where or how to begin, Himachal offers a range of mild treks. You can easily complete these treks within a day or two and if you have the time explore the surrounding areas. One such off-beat trek I would like to share about is the Lama Dugh trek.

Key Highlights of Lama Dugh Trek

  • Another treat waiting for you at the summit is the spectacular views of pristine lakes, Bara Shigri Glacier, Deo Tibba, Indrasan, and the massive Himalayas
  • The best part about trekking during the summers is the lush green forests of cedar, pine, and deodar and the beautiful sightings of birds and wildlife.
  • During the summers, the trek to Lama Dugh is also special. The cool breeze air flowing and flowers blooming all over makes this trek straight out of a fairy tale.
  •  Once you reach the summit, you will be welcomed by splendid views of the Himalayas and views of Manali and the whole of upper Kullu.
  • During winters, when the trek can be slippery and muddy in a lot of places. Nevertheless, trekking to Lama Dugh during the winters is an experience of its own. 
  • A pleasurable trip for the ones who wait for winters and love the cold. As the temperature can also dip to -10 degrees Celsius at night.

Itinerary for

This trek can easily be completed within a day OR TWO.

 Ideally, the trek should take 2 days and 1 night to complete, but depending on your schedule and flexibility, you can always increase or decrease the number of days. After All there’s reason you are here for a getaway trip from your monotonous lifestyle.

Day 01: Delhi- Manali (550 kms)

  1. The best and easiest option is to reach Delhi via bus, flight, or train.
  2. You can then catch a bus from Kashmiri Gate, or a train from New or Old Delhi railway station, or a flight from IGI airport to Manali or Bhuntar.
  3. Rest for a day in Manali or Old Manali to relax and gather all the essentials for your next day of trekking. Especially visiting the ATM, as there are none ahead of Manali and Kullu.

Day 02: MANALI – LAMADUGH (17 kms)

  1. Start your day early in the morning, with a light breakfast, and begin your trek from the Manu Temple in Old Manali.
  2. The total distance of the trek is 17km and is at an altitude of 9,900ft.
  3. Do not be eager to finish the trek and try to soak in the silence and fresh air of the Deodar and Pine forests.
  4. You will need 4-5 hours to finish this trek, along with breaks on the way for food and relaxation.
  5. Since there are no eating joints on the way, the Lion King Rock is the only place at the beginning of the trek for a quick bite. The 360-degree view from this point is just breath-taking.
  6. Stay there and explore the area to your heart’s content before you head back down.

Day 03: LAMA DUGH – MANALI (17kms) – DELHI (550Kms)

  1.  Start your day with the mesmerizing sunrise at Lama Dugh and then head down to Manali. 
  2. You will reach Manali around noon and be ready for a hearty lunch. Finish up your trip with some last-minute souvenir shopping for your friends and family. 
  3. To get back to Delhi, you once again can choose from bus, train or flight.

How To Reach Lama Dugh From Major Cities?

First and foremost, if you are a first-time trekker, gather as much info both online and offline about the area. Especially from friends who have been there before and can share with you their first-hand experience. No matter which part of the world you arrive from, to start this trek you must reach Manali.

There is a major inter-city bus stop in Manali, a couple of railway stations, and a fully functional airport in Bhuntar. There are various flights, buses, and trains that will bring you directly to Manali or Bhuntar airport. If you wish to travel by road, traveling via Delhi would be advisable. You can easily book or share a cab for an overnight journey into Manali.

Once you arrive in Manali, you will want to spend a day or two resting, shop, and pack all the essentials you may need to begin your trek. If you are planning to be adventurous and want to trek solo, be sure to take a guide along with you. Since you will be new to the place, you may find yourself lost away from your actual path.

Relax your mind and body before starting the trek and hydrate yourself well enough

Basic Preparation Before Going to the Trek

For those of you who are traveling to a mountain region for the first, may experience altitude sickness or motion sickness. These are just some of the common side effects of being at a high altitude for the first time. Therefore, before you start your trek it is always a good idea to acclimate yourself for a day or two. The journey to Manali can be quite tedious and tiring and you will need a good meal along with a sound sleep to restore yourself. 

The sunrays in the mountains are quite harsh and can cause severe skin burns. A super-protective sunblock simply is not enough to protect you from the harsh sun rays. You will need protective clothing as well such as – long pants, full sleeve shirts (preferably with fleece), windproof and waterproof jackets, UV protection sunglasses, and a sun cap.

Things To Carry On this Trek

  1. A proper pair of trekking shoes with efficient grip, as normal sport shoes will not work
  2. Make sure you pack your Rainproof gear. 
  3. A headlamp or a torch should be always with you.
  4. A sturdy backpack of at least 50liters, with a rain proof coating. 
  5. Things like, Jungle knife, Garbage bags, water bottle and a lighter. 
  6. Make sure to pack up a few extra pairs of war clothes, including gloves and warm socks.
  7. Make sure to not forget you Identification Documents

Medical Kit & Supplies

  • Make sure to carry your medicines if you have any pre-defined health issues. 
  • All kinds of band-aids for any possible emergencies.
  • Medicines for headache, stomachache, nausea, etc. 
  • Not to forget the Toiletries that might come in handy during the journey.

Unless necessary it is advised to not carry a lot of luggage on the trek. Unless you hire a porter, carry only the essentials with you. The tours & Travel company you have booked your tour from will provide an effective First-Aid Kit for all kinds of emergencies.


Why Lama Dugh Trek Should Be on Everyone’s Bucket List

Those who are experienced trekkers and climbers will be able to complete the Lama Dugh trek in a day. They will not require a local guide or google maps. But for those of you who are embarking on this journey for the first time and do not want a guide, you must keep a physical map handy and your google maps on. Even while trekking solo you never really are alone, as many fellow travelers are passing by. Many locals can be seen out with their herds of cattle for grazing, and you can always ask them for directions.

When travelling without a guide, knowing about where to eat or chill can come in handy at any time. So, make sure to read about some of the Best Cafes to Relax in Old Manali.

It is always smart to inform people around you about your whereabouts if you are alone. Your google maps will also keep your loved ones informed about where you are on the trek. You may also face network issues on the way but that is only temporary. It can be an adventurous trekking experience but ensure your safety first. You will need to carry extra supplies of food and water and even if you run out of supplies, the locals around are extremely helpful and welcoming. You will be treated with local cuisine and fresh milk which will completely restore you.

Trekking is not just a sport but also a spiritual experience, especially when done alone. You face obstacles like you have never imagined and find solutions in the most mysterious ways. You learn life lessons and begin to value and appreciate the smaller things in life. Every trek has its ups and downs, and the challenge is to complete the summit. You will want to scream and shout and just give up but that is when you see the light. Your first trek will always be an unforgettable one, which will give you the courage and motivation to summit even bigger mountains. 

You will begin to see changes in your life with every trek and you will even begin to motivate others to experience the same feeling.