Milam Glacier Trek

a comprehensive guide

Let us guide you towards one of the remotest and biggest yet accessible Glaciers, situated within the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand. An enchanting place at the edge of the unknown where there is no rush but calmness and peace but that lies ahead, after a journey filled with Thrill and Adventure. Imagine standing at an altitude of more than 4000meters at the roots of the mighty Mt. Trishul, it is like being on top of the world.


The essence of a traveler’s journey is not just about the destination but also the journey that leads you towards a land of dreams. Where one experiences the solitude within nature taking over one’s soul, while the thrill within the journey simply rejuvenates the mind. 

Within this land of Gods that is also known for its sheer beauty that comes from the heart of Nature, where one can utterly understand and feel the essence of life. Imagine the feeling of being at the top of the world, being surrounded but the serenity of Mother Nature in the form of shimmering snow and those extravagant pathways leading you to Milam Glacier. 

The journey to Milam Glacier is wrapped within a perfect balance of Thrill and Calmness. A journey that tests your mental and physical limits while sending blissful shivers down your spine, as the scenic beauty of shimmering blue skies compliments the snow-laden Himalayas. The trail leading towards Milam Glacier is enclosed within those captivating, lush meadows of Alpine, crowned by those ecstatic shades of Flora and Fauna.

The scenic serenity of this region is made up of those magical and silent villages that are surrounded by beautiful river streams and waterfalls where one can taste the freshness of Pine & Rhododendron forests. During this journey, you walk beside the calm and chaotic Gori Ganga River whose source is none other but the Milam Glacier. 

An inward and outward journey leading you closer and closer to Mother Nature and to yourself, where your mind and your soul would rejoice with the waves of calmness and thrill. 

The Milam Village that lies before the Milam Glacier, has an interesting history. This region is situated on some of the highest mountain passes in Tibet. It will be a bit hard to believe that before 1962’s Shino-Indian War, the village Milam was a trader’s hub and more than 500 families lived there. Now the villagers have moved down to Munsiyari which is known to be the starting pot of the Milam Glacier trek. 

Let’s show you a bit more about this remote yet one of the most serene Glaciers known amongst travelers, trekkers, and even wanderers.

Key Highlights of Milam Glacier Trek

  • The Milam Glacier is the largest glacier within the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand. 
  • This Majestic glacier is enclosed by the serenity of beautiful waterfalls within the freshness of dense forests of Pine, Conifers, Bamboo, Rhododendron, and even Chestnut, which will simply send a certain rush of calmness within your mind and body.
  • Experience one of the most exhilarating views of the majestic Himalayan peaks like Hardeol, Nanda Devi, Mt. Trishul, Deo Damla, and Sakram, standing tall right in front of you.
  • As a traveler, if you are in search of some of the most remote places, to witness the unexplored beauty and serenity of Nature. Well, you have come to the right place as Milam Glacier Will simply take your breath away.
  • A delightful treat for photographers inspired by nature and wildlife, as the diversity of Flora and Fauna in this region will leave you awestruck, and the mesmerizing scenic beauty will not let you put your cameras back in your bag. 
  • A call for birdwatchers, as the pathways leading you towards Milam Glacier, reeks of wilderness from every corner and is ornamented by some of those rare species of birds found in higher regions like these. 
  • As for those who are excited to camp under those enchanting Night Skies, they will be happy to hear that within this region where nature rules everything. This might just be worthwhile to get away from sleeping in the same beds after your scheduled life. 
  • As you walk alongside the banks of River Gori Ganga, make sure to wash away all your tiresome burdens and let the serene clear water calm and cleanse your mind and body. 
  • Another major Highlight would be the starting point of your trek, which is munsiyari. A place is known for its picturesque scenic beauty.
  • Another interesting fact for adventure seekers, the starting point of your journey also leads to the magical land of the Darma Valley. Maybe on your way back or for next time, we are sure our blog on Darma Valley will come in handy in some or the other way.
  • As the Milam Glacier is remarkably close to the Nanda Devi National Park, making the entire region home for numerous wildlife species. 
  • If you are lucky, you might be able to spot some Snow Leopards, Black Bears, Jackals, Deers, and even the Himalayan Monal.

Itinerary for
Milam Glacier Trek

If you are planning to take a break from your monotonous lifestyles and are thinking of planning for Milam Glacier Trek. Who knows, it might just turn out to be a journey filled with blissful moments that will be delightful memories someday. 

 Firstly, you need to know that there can be different itineraries made of Milam Glacier Trek. Secondly, whichever itinerary you choose, the starting point for this trek remains the same, which is the beautifully serene town of Munsiyari

Day 01: DELHI – KATHGODAM – ALMORA (400 km By Train)

  • Your journey begins from Delhi, where you hop onto your AC train.
  • The train departs from Old Delhi station, and you reach Kathgodam by morning. 
  • After you arrive, take the cab that will take you towards the next stop that is Almora. 
  • You can navigate the local markets in the evening.


  • Today morning we begin the next phase of our journey, which will take you to Munsiyari.
  • Once you arrive, make sure to enjoy the splendid views from this beautiful town.
  • Take adequate rest to prepare for your next day, as the trek begins from tomorrow.
  • Stay for the night in the hotel, in Munsiyari.

Day 03: MUNSIYARI – LILAM (14kms)

  • Wake up with the rising sun, as your journey to Milam Glacier begins.
  • Well, for now, it is time for breakfast while you enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of Panchachuli peaks.
  • It is time we head off to Lilam via Darkot.
  • Once you reach Darkot, the trail takes you down the hill to River Gori Ganga and you keep on the same pathway till the Jimi Ghat.
  • Although Jimighat is a little off route it will be worth your while. 
  • After enjoying the scenic beauty of this ghat, it is time we head back to Lilam.
  • Time to pitch up your tents and light a small fire.
  • Overnight at Lilam.

Day 04: LILAM – BUGDIAR (12kms)

  • Let the singing of birds wake you with the rising sun.
  • Enjoy the serenity of nature with a cup of tea and breakfast.
  • It is time we continue towards Bugdiar.
  • Make sure to savor every moment of the trail, as the dense forests and trees send a wave of freshness to your mind and body. 
  • Where the Meadows shows you, a shepherd guiding a big flock of sheep and goats.
  • After a long yet mesmerizing walk till Bugdiar.
  • We Camp here for the night. 
  • After your dinner, you can enjoy the campfire while you watch those enchanting star trails. 
  • Lights out!

Day 05: BUGDIAR – MARTOLI (14kms)

  • After breakfast and tea within the lap of Mother nature, we continue with our journey.
  • As today we trek to Martoli via Railkot, which is situated near Lean Had Valley.
  • Experience the thrill of crossing the narrow gorges before you reach Martelli.
  • Overnight at Martoli Village, so it is time to pitch up your tents and start collecting some wood. 
  • After dinner, lights out!

Day 06: MARTOLI – MILAM VILLAGE (3450meters)

  • Wake up at sunrise as you would not want to miss the shining sun making everything glow.
  • Today, we trek towards the Milam Village, where you shall be astonished by the serenity within the remoteness of Milam Village.
  • Before you reach this village, you will cross the wooden bridges over Gori Ganga and reach Burphu Village. 
  • This picturesque village deserves your presence, so it is break time. 
  • After catching up with your breath and enjoying the beauty of this region. 
  • We follow up on the trail leading to Milam Village. 
  • A goodnight’s sleep is a must, as tomorrow we hike towards your destination which is Milam Glacier.


  • Get up with the rising sun and enjoy your tea in the lap of the Himalayas.
  • After breakfast, we head off to Milam Glacier. 
  • The moment you reach your destination and here you are standing at the largest glacier of Uttarakhand. 
  • A place where time stops, and the rules of Nature begin. 
  • Witness those enchanting views of Rishi Parvat, Hardeol, Mt. Trishul, and Nanda Devi peaks. 
  • Imagine the adrenaline rush of bliss, once you see around and feel there nothing but Nature that blesses us with life. 
  • It is time we head back to Milam Village and pitch up our tents.
  • Overnight at Milam Village!

A note to fellow travelers, you follow back on the same route till you reach Munsiyari. Where you stay for a night and explore the markets. It is completely up to you, whether to continue with the journey or to take a detour towards the Khaiya Top. If you do, make sure to read our blog on the mesmerizing beauty of the Khaliya Top Trek.

The next day you head back to Kathgodam and from there to Delhi.

Until Next time!

Best time to Visit Milam Glacier

Heavenly places like Milam Village and Glacier face heavy winds and chilliness throughout the year. 

As you know you will be trekking towards one of the largest glaciers of India and the largest glacier of Uttarakhand. Making Milam Glacier not accessible throughout the year.

Summers & Spring

The months of March, April, May, and till the mid of June when the summers make the entire region bloom with shining and shimmering snow. This season brings along new life to the Flora & Fauna, as Mother Nature brings back the ecstatic shades of lush green forests. The exhilarating beauty of the mighty Himalayas shining day and night. As in the day they shine under the mystical shades of the sun and during the night when the moon shines on the entire region, making the Himalayas simply magical.


Then comes the Autumn, from mid of September till the time October ends. When the beauty of lush greenery is complimented by a carpet of fallen leaves and the majestic Himalayan Range stands tall in the Backdrop. A time of the year when every moment of the day has something that will surprise you or leave you awestruck.

Whereas the Monsoons and Winters are not considered to be a safe time to travel to this region as the terrain becomes dangerous and life-threatening.

Basic Preparation Before Going to the Trek

Firstly, you need to know that the trek to the Milam Glacier is easy to moderate. Making it particularly important for every traveler or trekker to train the mind and the body well enough to be safe and sound. This journey to Milam Glacier is an enchanting experience that you might cherish for a lifetime but the trail leading you towards the destination might just test you mentally and physically. 

Secondly, we have all witnessed the magical and the giving side of Mother Nature but some of us have for sure witnessed the devastation nature can cause. So, it makes it an absolute necessity to not just train your mind and body but also to get a full body checkup done by a reputed doctor. To make the most out of this journey one needs to be prepared for any possible situation. 

So, before you leave for this captivating trip, make sure to create a list of anything you might require on this journey

Trekking Gear

  • A proper pair of trekking shoes as a normal sport shoe just will not cut it. 
  • A walking stick or a proper trekking pole.
  • Make sure to pack up your rain-proof gear for yourself and your equipment. 
  • Few extra pairs of woolen clothes, including socks and gloves.
  • A headlamp and a good quality torch are a must.
  • A sturdy backpack of at least 60liters, that comes with a rainproof cover. 
  • A good quality Tent and a Sleeping bag that is reliable enough to keep you warm.
Other Necessities

  • Carrying your identification documents is a must.
  • Things like, Garbage bags, Jungle Knife, Matchbox/Lighter, insulated water bottle, and toiletries that you might require on this journey.
  • Your Mobile phone Charger or a power bank and for sure a few extra batteries for your Camera.

Medical Kit

  • First, if you have a predefined sickness, consult with your doctor before leaving and make sure to carry your medicines. 
  • Medicines for Nausea, stomachache, and headaches. 
  • All kinds of Band-Aids for any emergencies.
  • Medicines for Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS)

A note for fellow travelers, if you are traveling through a tours and travels company there will be a proper First-Aid Kit including Oxygen Cylinders and pumps.

 To make this journey of yours a memorable experience and to bring you back safe and sound.

Why Milam Glacier Trek Should Be on Everyone’s Bucket List

Milam Glacier, a heaven on earth where one gets to experience being within the heart of Nature. A place like this must be on everyone’s bucket list, as here lies the power to bring you closer to Mother Nature and yourself as well. Here in Milam Village, you are surrounded by the enchanting shades of nature in the form of these dense forests and the serene waterfalls.

 At the Milam Glacier, experience yourself being surrounded by the shimmering snowy blanket and watch the sun adding to the mesmerizing scenic beauty of the place. An experience worth your while, where the sere wilderness welcomes your home and not the other way round. 

Last but not the least, as we all know how much nature gives and asks so little in return. A humble request from our team to clean up after yourselves and try to maintain the sanctity of Nature.