Things to do in CHAUPAL

a comprehensive guide


The journey within the mystical land of the Himalayas will take you to the most isolated and crowded places. In a place like Himachal Pradesh, where the serene beauty of small hidden towns and villages has always been a major attraction for travelers from all over the globe. 

Such is the beauty of this mesmerizing town of Chaupal, nestled within the district of Shimla. 

Chaupal is a beautiful town where the simplicity of every slate and wood house will delightfully treat your eyes. 

This enchanting little town is enclosed within the freshness of deodar trees and those snow-laden mountain peaks simply compliment the serenity of the place. As this place comes near to the UNESCO world heritage site of The Great Himalayan National Park, the diversity of Nature and WildLife reeks of pure wilderness. 

As the forests and the area coming under this world heritage site are protected under the Wildlife Protection Act. Making the entire region bloom with the vastness of Flora and Fauna. Chaupal is known for its dense and lush green forests of Himalayan Cedar Trees. Along with the beauty and freshness of Kail and Fir Spruce trees that simply surround this region with their splendid vastness. A place like Chaupal and the forests that enclose this region has been known for the pristine quality timber extracted from the Deodar Trees. Hence, the Deodar forests of Chaupal have become popular all over Asia. 

A pleasant treat for all kinds of Travelers as this little town has something to offer for everyone. Chaupal might just turn out to be a dream plan for birdwatchers and Nature Photographers.

Let us take you to an altitude of 2400meters where the forests become denser and you can feel the serenity of nature’s peace within the diversity of wildflowers and trees.

Aside from the fact that Chaupla is so rich in its wilderness, this beautiful town has also been attracting people from all over the globe, simply because of its serene divinity. 

As the entire region of Chaupal is enclosed within numerous temples dedicated to different gods. The locals of this region have a strong belief in their Shringul Devta, who is known to be an incarnation of Lord Shiva. This Devine temple is located a little further from a place called Ghadala. There are a few other temples like Lankra Vir ( situated a little higher up from Chaupal) and Bijjat (situated in a village named Sarain). 

If you are visiting Himachal Pradesh and you have some spare time for exploring a few places that might just surprise you. 

Make sure you pay a small visit to this captivating town called Chaupal.

Before you do that, learn a little more about the place so that you can make the most out of it and go back with moments turning into memories for you to cherish for a lifetime.

Key Highlights of Chaupal

  • If you are here to satisfy your birdwatching desire, you will surely be left awestruck. As the denser forests will treat your eyes with such ecstatic colorful birds.
  • One can even get lost within the divine holiness, as Chaupal is also known as the home for many temples. A holy temple named Lankra Vir, which is dedicated to Lord Bhairon.
  • If you are a photographer who is enthusiastic about Nature and Wildlife, make sure you have packed up your camera kit when you decide to leave for Chaupal. 
  • If you are a traveler who seeks solitude and peace within the destinations you travel to, make sure to set yourselves free within the dense serenity of Deodar forests.
  • As a traveler, if you want your trip to be filled with adventures, you can indulge yourself in adventure activities like Boat Ride, Paragliding, and even some of the other water sports.
  • In the serene little town of Chaupal, where one gets the best of solitude. Along with the thrill of few water sports like Rafting, WindSurfing, and even Kayaking. A treat for travelers to satisfy the adventurer within their soul.
  • If it is the trekking adventure you seek, once you have explored the beauty of Chaupal. You can take a hike towards Churdhar. 
  • Well, if it is some treat for your stomach that you are looking for, make sure to read and visit some of the Finest Cafes in Mussoorie.
  • While trekking to Churdhar one gets to experience such enchanting beauty of Nature along with the divine holiness of the Lord Shiva’s temple at the Churdhar Peak. Make sure to watch the sunset from Churdhar, where the enchanting beauty of the setting sun simply sends a wave of calmness within one’s mind and body.
  • For many years Chaupal has been a major tourist attraction for travelers who want to visit Lahaul Spiti. 
  • This enchanting little village is known for its pristine quality Apple Cultivation all over the globe, as the Apples grown here are exported to many other countries. Along with being known in the whole of Asia for the finest Timber extracted from deodar forests
  • Over the years Chaupal has become a dreamland for travelers, where the beauty of snowy mountains just adds to the scenic beauty of the place. 
  • A beautiful little town called Newra is enclosed by the Lal Pani River. A beautiful spot where one can visit with their families and friends just have a pleasant picnic. 
  • Another interesting fact about a little town called Maraog, this is the place that is the richest Hamlet within Asia.
  • As for treating your stomachs well, there are a few places that serve the most delicious food within that region. 
  • In Chaupal, the agriculture-based economy has shown a pretty Higher Literacy rate. Simply because of the export of some pristine timbre and apples.
  • Along with the isolation and solidarity of Himachal Pradesh, this place is also known for some of the Splendid Treks for Beginners, you can get more information on your blog. 

Basic Travel Itinerary For Chaupal

Firstly, you need to know that there can be multiple itineraries made for a place like Chaupal. As you know Chaupal is a small town in the Shimla district. But still, there is much to explore in and around this place, depending on how much you want to discover.  

A note for all travelers, you can head off to many different places from Chaupal, including a few treks and rivers with some waterfalls in the region. 

The following itinerary is only one of many possible itineraries that can be made for a place like Chaupal.

Day 01: DELHI – CHAUPAL (420kms)

  • Your journey begins in Delhi. 
  • Boarding a bus from Delhi will take you nearly 11hours before you reach Chaupal.
  • Before you reach your destination, let us take a break at a town called Riuini where you get to relax and enjoy the scenic beauty of this riverside village. 
  • After a captivating break, we head towards our destination/
  • Once you reach Chaupal, your comfortable beds and a lavish dinner will welcome you with open arms. 
  • After satisfying your stomach, relax a bit as we explore Chaupal tomorrow.


  • Your day begins with the rising sun.
  • Enjoy the sunrise with this shimmering town of Chaupal.
  • After breakfast, we head towards a few known Temples that surround Chaupal.
  • We start with the Bijjat temple in Sarain, where you get to experience the solitude and the peace within this region.
  • It’s time for a swim in the Lal Pani river near the town called Nerwa.
  • After the swim, it’s time we head back to Chaupal.
  • Once we have reached back, let us light up a small bonfire. 
  • Have dinner and watch the night skies before going to bed.


  • Your day begins early with the rising sun. 
  • After breakfast, let’s head towards satisfying the adventurer within you. 
  • Time for you to experience any of the water sports like Kayaking, WindSurfing, and even a boat ride.
  • After a tiresome day, we head towards Chaupal where we visit the Lankra Vir Temple, a little higher up from Chaupal.
  • After enjoying the divine serenity at the temple, during the scenic beauty of Golden Hour.
  • Dinner time and the Lights Out!

Day 04: TREK from CHAUPAL – CHURDHAR (8kms)

  • Your day starts with sunrise.
  • After a light breakfast, we leave for a beautiful Hike to Churdhar.
  • The 8 km journey will take nearly 5-6 hours before you reach your destination. 
  • As the walk is a little difficult, making the prize even better and enchanting. 
  • While you hike towards your destination, make sure to let your soul and mind be mesmerized. 
  • The majestic beauty of the Himalayan ranges of Kedarnath & Badrinath along with the snow-capped ranges of Lahaul & Spiti.
  • Enjoy the divinity of Lord Shiva Temple and the Kali Mandir Khidki at Churdhar.
  • Do not forget to set yourself free within the peaceful sunset energies, As the Sunset from here is a sight like no other.
  • Camp Overnight!


  • Wake up with the rising sun and let yourself remember the beautiful moments spent during this journey. 
  • After a light breakfast, it’s time we hike back towards Chaupal.
  • There is no rush, make sure you enjoy every moment of the trail.
  • Photographers, do not hesitate to take your cameras out as much as you like.
  • Reaching back to Chaupal, where you have lunch and start packing up. 
  • Head back to Delhi.

A note to fellow travelers, if you are willing to take a detour before heading back home, make sure to read and then visit the profoundness of the Tirthan Valley.

Until Next Time!

Best Time to Visit Chaupal

The enchanting beauty of Chaupal welcomes travelers throughout the year and with open arms.

It is a blessing for us travelers who get a chance to set ourselves free within the mystical serenity of places we come across during this journey.

If you are a traveler, a nomad, or even if you are a tourist visiting with your family. An enthralling place like Chaupal is accessible throughout the year

With the arrival of summers in Chaupal, everything blooms with the diversity of wildflowers, and the weather becomes so pleasant for you to be mesmerized. A delightful time for birdwatchers and photographers as the entire region is blooming with the diversity of Flora & Fauna.

As the monsoon rains hit the region, it creates havoc everywhere. Increasing the chances of numerous landslides but on the other hand, the enchanting beauty only enhances with the arrival of mist and rain. Make sure to speak with a few locals to get a clear picture of the weather conditions, if you plan to visit Chaupal during Monsoons. 

The arrival of winters turns this beautiful place into a fairyland. As the snow takes over everything, including the snow-laden forests and the mountain peaks. With the temperature dipping majorly, you might just need a pair of thick woolens. 

One gets an opportunity of satisfying those child-like pleasures of making a snowman or sliding down on the snow. The moment the sun falls on those furry blankets of snowfall everywhere, you will witness the shimmering of entire valleys and meadows along with the dense forests of deodar. 


At the end of the day, the choice is yours, during which seasonal beauty would you like to be in Chaupal?

Why Chaupal Should Be on Everyone’s Bucket List

The phenomenal scenic beauty of Chaupal, will one day automatically attract you towards itself. That’s how magnificent beauty and serene wilderness reeks out of every corner of this region. From its enthralling waterfalls to exotic rivers, will make you mesmerized to the core. While in the backdrop lies the magnificent snow-capped hills that will force you to take out your camera. 

This region comes near to so many beautiful places like Kufri, The Great Himalayan National Park, and even beautiful hikes to Spiti and Churdhar.

At Chaupal, one gets to witness the sanctity of Nature and Wildlife at its peak.

Last but not the least, a humble request from our team to maintain the serene sanctity of the place. And clean up after yourself by not leaving your garbage behind. 

At least this much we can do for nature, that blesses us with places like these and we can make blissful memories.