Kedarkantha Trek

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A traveler’s journey is not just about finding peace and solitude. As it is enclosed within all kinds of experiences and you just cannot describe them as good or bad. Sometimes you just must go with the flow but there are times when you must fight your way through against the flow. 

Such is the enchanting and diverse beauty of Uttarakhand, where one can find anything, they seek from solitude to adventure. 

There comes a time during a traveler’s journey when you come across a place that offers you the best and the extreme of both the isolated serenity and the adventurous rush.

As we all know that Uttarakhand has become a paradise for not just travelers but trekkers and mountaineers as well. Such is the spellbinding beauty of Kedarkantha, blessing you with the best of everything. From the solitude within the blooming nature to the adrenaline rush that satisfies the adventurer within you. 

Kedarkantha, situated at an altitude of 12,500ft and is known as one of the finest and splendid winter snow treks in Uttarakhand. A blissful delight for travelers as they walk through the Govind Pashu Vihar National Park. A place where the journey is as soul pleasing as the destination, like a pathway that leads towards a dreamland. Where the snow-laden forests of pine, deodar, and even Oak along with the snow under your feet simply send beautiful shivers down one’s spine. 

A place enclosed within such ecstatic scenic views and that too a full 360degree, where you treat your eyes with over 10 Himalayan peaks.

One thing is for sure, the experience and memories you make during your journey to Kedarkantha will be something special and like no other.

 Along with an additional yet an enchanting journey towards a mystical destination known as the Vasu Ki Tal.

Key Highlights of Kedarkantha Trek

The journey to Kedarkantha is filled with mystical yet scenic surprises. The key is to have patience take over any rush that you have, for you to savor every memorable moment.

  • Starting with the drive to the base camp, a drive that will make you go as slow as possible. As the serenity of those dense pine forests within the Mori valley will send a wave of calmness to your mind and soul.
  • While on the drive, make sure to take a break near the river Tons and watch yourself fall in love with nature’s simplicity all over again.
  • The forests within and around Gaichawan stretch reeks of wilderness as this path is so isolated that only trekkers like you and the locals are blessed with its serenity.
  • A breathtaking Himalayan view from the summit where the peaks like Nanda Ghunti, Kalanag, Bandarpoonch, Yamunotri ranges, Gangotri, Swargarohini, Draupadi ka Danda, Jaonti, Jorkanden are standing tall along with the Rupinand Har Ki Dun Valley.
  • A dreamland for the ones who are here for the pleasures of the camping experiences, where every campsite has something special to offer you. At khujey campsite, you get to set yourself free within those lush green woodlands.  
  • Whereas, camping at Juda Ka Tal will please your eyes and mind with such ecstatic shades of the lake. If you are here in winters, you get to see the prettiest blue-colored and frozen Juda Ka Tal.
  • If you pass by the Katgaon route, do not forget to savor the magical beauty of a fantasy-like place.
  • A pleasant treat for photographers who are passionate about Nature and Wildlife. As the diversity of the wilderness in this region is still untouched and pure, it might just force you to take your cameras out. 
  • One can even fulfill their child-like fantasies of making a snowman or just sliding down on the snow. 
  • The life of villagers in Sankri will automatically derive you from knowing and experiencing their way of living. Such is the hospitality of the people residing in this region. 
  • The Kedarkantha trek is known to be a fluctuating one from easy to moderate, such as the way to the summit.
  • Another delightful treat for trekkers and wanderers who would not mind extending a few days of their journey simply to witness the hiking trail taking you towards Swargarohini.

Itinerary for
Kedarkantha Trek

A trek like Kedarkantha, that is enclosed within such beautiful gems of Mother Nature. Yes, one can just get done with the trek in 5 days but ask yourself are you here just to get done with it?

As the magnificent beauty of Kedarkantha is meant to be unraveled but with patience and not rush. That is the way one can truly get to feel the essence of a place and your journey towards it. 

Firstly, you need to understand that there can be multiple itineraries made for Kedarkantha Trek. As many different pathways lead you towards Kedarkantha.

Day 01: DELHI – DEHRADUN (275kms) – SANKRI (188kms)

  • Your journey begins in Delhi where you board your bus/train, taking you to Dehradun.
  • After a ride of 7hours, you are in Dehradun, where it is time for a tea break.
  • Time to hop on in your taxis as the journey to Sankri will take you nearly 6 hours.
  • Prepare to be mesmerized by a stunning view of the Tons river, along with the pine forests accompanying you till Sankri village. 
  • After a long yet pleasant drive of 5-7 hours, a beautifully scenic campsite welcomes you with open arms.
  • Where you treat your stomach with delicious food and lights out!

Day 02: SANKRI – JUDA KA TALAB (2kms drive – 5kms trek)

  • Wake up with the rising sun and watch a pleasant sunrise that starts your day.
  • After a light breakfast, we leave for a drive of 10-15mins.
  • Now the real journey begins from here when you start climbing up towards the Juda Ka Talab.
  • After a beautiful trek of nearly 5 hours, you reach a small lake named Juda Ka Talab.
  • It is time to set yourself free with the captivating beauty of the forests surrounding the lake.
  • Time to pitch up our tents and start collecting some firewood.
  • Enjoy the enchanting night sky from Juda Ka Talab over dinner and bonfire. 
  • Lights Out!

Day 03: JUDA KA TALAB – BASE CAMP (Trek – 5-6kms) (2800meters)

  • Wake up with the singing of birds and the forests as the sun begins to rise.
  • Time for breakfast with a cup of tea or coffee.
  • Time to pack up the tents and head towards the Base Camp of Kedarkantha.
  • There is no rush, as you need to savor every moment spent within the serene wilderness.
  • The trail till the base camp is enclosed within such massive fields of snow and splendid clearings within the forests.
  • After 6 hours of trekking and walking, you reach the base camp that is surrounded by the snow-laden pine trees. 
  • As the weather in this region remains extreme, you have an option of staying in the huts that will be safer from harsh wind and show. 
  • A delightful treat for your eyes where you get to see the majestic Bandarpoonch, Kalanag, and Swargarohini peaks. 
  • Overnight at the Base Camp.

Day 04: BASE CAMP – KEDARKANTHA SUMMIT (Trek – 8hours) (3800meters)

  • Your day begins at 2 – 2:30 Am, as the walk is not that long but steep.
  • As you walk on a blanket of snow, it is beautiful and time-consuming. 
  • Make sure to choose the route towards the summit according to the snow conditions. 
  • After a long walk of nearly 8 hours when you reach the summit, the magical scenic beauty would make it all worthwhile.
  • A 360degree view of valleys and Himalayas treating your mind and soul gracefully.
  • After you have savored every moment of views from the summit. It is time to head back towards the Base Camp. 
  • Make sure to indulge yourself within the pleasures of sliding on the snow and making a snowman.
  • Overnight stay at the Base Camp.

Day 05: BASE CAMP (3800meters) – JUDA KA TAL (3400meters) – SANKRI (2000meters)

  • Make sure to be up at sunrise to savor every moment.
  • With a cup of coffee in your hand watch how the snow shimmers with the rising sun.
  • After breakfast, we head towards Sankri. 
  • Make sure to make the most of this time back to Sankri. Let yourself flow within the serene wilderness.
  • After a long yet magical walk till Sankri, it is time to put down our bags and relax.
  • Watch yourself closely while all these moments turn into blissful memories for you to cherish.


  • Wake up with peace in your mind and soul. 
  • Spend some time packing up while you have tea and breakfast. 
  • Before you leave make sure to spend some time with yourself and the memories you made. 
  • It is time for a walk back where the cars are waiting for you to hop on.
  • From Sankri the taxis will drop you in Dehradun, which will take nearly 6-7 hours. 
  • On reaching Dehradun, board your respective buses or trains that will take you back to Delhi

History & Mythology of Kedarkantha

The legend has a tale where Lord Shiva meditated on this serene land, while he was on his way to Kedarnath. An interesting story where the Kedarnath temple was supposed to be built here at Kedarkantha. 

So, the process began of making a statue of Lord Shiva, but it was only built till the neck. As in Hindu mythology, a cow’s voice or a cry means a bad omen while making a statue. Hence, the name Kedarkantha was born, which means Lord Shiva’s Neck.

Juda Ka Tal is an enchanting place you will come across on your journey, where Lord Shiva opened his jatta and the water falling from his hair created this beautiful lake. 

Now you must understand that the locals believe and have faith within the mythology of the place. So, even if you do not believe in it, make sure to not disrespect the place in any way.

Basic Preparation Before Going to Kedarkantha Trek

As we all know the spellbinding beauty of nature, it is important to understand how harsh it can get at times. It is in your hands to always prepare yourself before moving forward on a journey that might test you mentally and physically. 

Getting yourself a full body checkup is a must, along with the medicines if you are already suffering from any sickness. 

Along with preparing your body for the trip, you will need to think of anything you would require on your journey and just note it down. It is simple, if you want to enjoy it to the full extent during the journey being prepared is the first step towards setting your mind free.

Things To Carry On this Trek

  1. A proper pair of trekking shoes with efficient grip, as normal sport shoes will not work
  2. Make sure you pack your Rainproof gear. 
  3. A headlamp or a torch should be always with you.
  4. A sturdy backpack of at least 50liters, with a rain proof coating. 
  5. Things like, Jungle knife, Garbage bags, water bottle and a lighter. 
  6. Make sure to pack up a few extra pairs of war clothes, including gloves and warm socks.
  7. Make sure to not forget you Identification Documents

  • A reliable pair of trekking shoes with solid grip, as a normal pair of shoes, will not work.
  • A sturdy backpack with a rainproof cover should be at least 50-60 liters. 
  • Few extra pairs of warm clothes including both the light and the heavy ones. 
  • A few extra pair of warm socks are a must
  • Remember to pack up your rain-proof gear.
  • A walking stick or a proper trekking pole. 
  • A good quality torch or a headlamp is a must. 
  • Other things like Garbage Bags, jungle knife, Insulated water bottle, and a matchbox
  • Last but not the least, your identification documents.

Medical Kit & Supplies

  • Please carry your medicine if you have any pre-defined health issues. 
  • All kinds of band-aids for any emergencies 
  • Medicines for AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness)
  • Medicines for Nausea, stomachache, headache, etc. 
  • Toiletries that might come in handy during the journey.

Although there will always be a proper First-Aid kit including oxygen pump and cylinders provided by the tours and travels company you have booked your trip from.


When & Why One Must Visit Kedarkantha?

An all-season place like Kedarkantha welcomes all travelers with open arms of the diversity in seasons. Although Kedarkantha is known to be the best winter destination. But every season has its beauty and something special to offer the travelers.

With the arrival of Spring and Summers, the entire trail becomes so beautifully picturesque with the Flora and Fauna at its peak. While the clear blue skies complement the lush green beauty of pine forests. Along with the magnificent Himalayan view, this season brings new life to the region as the bare trees are no longer bare but denser. The forests begin to bloom with the blooming of wildflowers.

With the arrival of winters, the snow takes over the entire region. As the fresh snow does not take long to change into thick furry blankets of snow. This season also brings an adventurous delight for trekkers. It is like every step you take on the snow, it sends blissful shivers down your body and mind. As it is a sight like none other, one just cannot afford to miss it. 

An enchanting destination like the Kedarkantha is surrounded by some of the most fascinating and dreamy destinations like the Nelong valley Trek and Harshil valley.

The ones who have visited this Divine land in the past, know how the breathtaking views will be memories they can cherish forever. 

Kedarkantha has been a traveler’s dreamland as there are numerous magical reasons behind it. We will leave it in your hands to find the reasons that cherished your mind on this journey to Kedarkantha.