Top 10 Things to Do in Kasar Devi


Kasar Devi, is one of the many hidden jewels in Uttarakhand, renowned for its iconic Kasar Devi temple located in Almora district of Uttarakhand, India. Known for its serenity and spirituality, Kasar Devi is a perfect tourist spot for all adventure backpackers and budgeted travellers.

Kasar Devi temple is one of the ancient temples of Goddess Durga in Almora, was built in the 2nd century CE, scientifically proved high Magnetic field by NASA. The place became more renowned when Swami Vivekananda meditated here in 1890. 

Kasar Devi is amidst the grandeur of the panoramic view of the valleys, rivers and hamlets, sits as the most desirable tourist destination. This picturesque hamlet fascinated many western spiritual seekers to this place. Due to its hippie trails, the place had attracted many western travellers, and it’s also popular for mystic and peaceful hamlets in the Kasar Devi region.

Things to do in Kasar Devi

Kasar Devi is not only famous for its serenity Himalayan and hippie trails, the place is boasting with multiple retreats one can do many different things during the trip or holidays in this wonderful place.

Visit Crank’s Ridge

Crank’s ridge is the most sought-after hippie trails in India where many numerous famous personalities have been visited including musicians, writers, mystics, saints, philosophers and spiritual leaders in this place. Visiting this place offer you awesome sight at five snow- peaks of Panchaluli glowing in the peripheral skies. The beauty of the mystic Himalayas in the peaks makes this place most preferred by tourists. The nearest geomagnetic field is a scientific miracle will also attract tourists attention.

Yoga & Meditation

Kasar Devi is also highly peaceful and rejuvenating home for Yoga & Meditation. People who look for the sacred place to revive their mind and soul, there is no other great place than Kasar Devi. The entire area dotted with various yoga ashrams and meditation centres which draws several tourists, and peace seekers throughout the year. You can indulge yourself in the tranquil and peaceful atmosphere in this place. Its believed that doing yoga in Kasar Devi will have an unparalleled harmony than done elsewhere.

Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary

If you are a wildlife enthusiast, visiting magnificent Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary is another best place that will be a treat for you in the Kasar Devi. Located atop the Jhandi Dhar Hills, this wildlife sanctuary is about 33 km distance from the Almora. Constructed in 1988, the place has are a variety of flora and fauna securely housed in this wildlife sanctuary. Here, one can spot animals like leopard, deer, langurs, and woodpeckers. Trekking around its hills is the best possible way to explore the entire place.

The place is also like a paradise who love to spot various colours and species of birds. It is also Oasis for animals lovers and nature enthusiasts, hunts for beautiful thick and tall rhododendrons, oaks and pine trees. The whole place is completely fresh and unpolluted worth to visit.

Village Trekking

Trekking in small villages near Kasar Devi will be fun for adventure enthusiasts. A tourist who love to experience hiking, trekking around the villages offers some amazing Himalayan view with flora & fauna will leave you speechless. Many people are aware that there is a trail which goes straight up to Crank’s Ridge. Trekking to this trail is moderate enough for all age group. Another trekking is about 3 km from Ranikhet to Jageshwar which is around 41 km. A person experienced in trekking must be chosen for trekking to immerse yourself in tranquillity and divinity of Almora panorama.

Sightseeing And Photography In Almora

Kasar Devi temple Hilltop offer beautiful scene valley make the region great for photography. You can visit Zero point, Bright End Corner, Martola, Kalimath, Deer Park, Almora, Govind Ballabh Pant Public Museum, Lakhudiyar Rock Painting and Dwarghat village are famous for sightseeing visit which is nearby this region, you should not miss while going to Kasar Devi. 

A walking experience around the village at Kasar Devi and capturing the lush green valley, panoramic view of the magnificent Himalayas and chilly weather give you a memorable experience for a lifetime. You can also walk to Narayan Tiwari Dewai Deer park, which about 3 km from Kasar Devi. If you love to capture natural activities of deer and lush green pine and oak trees that add up to its natural magnificence.


Due to is the lush green valley and flat meadow around the Kasar Devi, it offers more things to do for their tourist. Perched just 8 km from Almora, opposite to a horseshoe ridge, Simtola is one of the famous picnic spots among this place. Apart from this Hawasbagh is also very well-liked place, sited in the top a hill famous for a picnic spot. Many tourists arrange themselves a picnic nearby place. Some local people visit such a place to enjoy the picnic.

Visiting Temples

If you preferred to visit the religious place then you can visit 800-year-old, Katarmal Sun Temple, the second most significant in the country after Konark, the intricate sculptures are unique beauty of the temple. Apart from this, It also houses 45 smaller shrines, Golu Devta Temple, Jageshwar Dham, Nanda Devi Temple, Chitai Temple and many more temple are located around Kasar Devi area. 


Cycling is the most healthy and great option to explore the nearby surrounding at Kesar Devi. One can easily ride through dense forest and beautiful meadows nearby Kasar Devi area. 

Adventure Activities

The rugged terrain and rolling hill of Kasar Devi, Almora makes it wonderful spot to try some adventure activities like Rock Climbing, Burma bridge, spider web, rafting are some adventure one can part take it.

Shopping And Eating Local Cuisines In Almora

Although there is not a huge market for shopping in Almora. There are some local handicrafts, sweaters, scarves, muffler made from Himalayan Angora Wool and Copperware which popular tourist purchase. Chowk Bazaar, Karkhana Bazaar, Thana Bazaar and Lala Bazaar popular market place for its different items. Chowk Bazar is famous for brass items, copper items, metal utensils, Pashmina shawls, etc. You can shop copperware and local craftwork at Karkhana Bazar. If you craving for delicious food of Almora you can get in the local market in Almora and do not miss to taste famous Bal Mithai and Singhodi of Almora.