adi kailash trek

a comprehensive guide


As we all know the hidden and diverse beauty of the land of Uttarakhand, simply keeps on surprising travelers. While you move along with your journey to discover the hidden gems of Uttarakhand, you will come across places that will take your breath away. We all know that it has not been that long since travelers from this country started to feel and understand what this region can offer to travelers, hikers, and even Mountaineers. 

Travelers from different parts of the globe have been attracted to the serene isolation of this mystical land of wonders. Such is the enticing and captivating beauty of the Adi Kailash that people started calling it the replica of Mt. Kailash in Tibet. 

A place that satisfies the spiritual side of your soul along with making you experience the spellbinding beauty enclosing the hiking trail towards the Adi Kailash or Chota Kailash. 

Adi Kailash, a well-known pilgrimage destination for devotees traveling from faraway places to witness the divine holiness of this region. Many travelers who have visited the Adi Kailash or the Om Parvat, believe it is not just the temples but also the entire mountain that is the reincarnation of Lord Shiva. The divinity of this region goes hand in hand with the jewels of Mother Nature, in the form of diversity amongst Flora & Fauna.

One can witness the ever-changing scenic beauty of the trekking trail, as you pass through some of the dreamy valleys like the Darma and Bryans. 

The journey to the mystical Adi Kailash, where the pathways leading you forward areas beautifully scenic as your destination. As at the foothills of Adi Kailash, one can experience the serenity of Gauri Kund and Manasarovar (also known as the Parvati Sarovar). For travelers who are here for their devotion towards Lord Shiva, make sure to visit and experience the divinity of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati at a temple on the foothills of Adi Kailash.

The mythological Significance of Adi Kailash and Om Parvat is embedded in the roots of many devotees from all over the globe and especially the Hindus. Making the Adi Kailash Mountain ranges a highly worshipped and sacred mountain within the mystical land of Uttarakhand. As the legends tell us that Adi Kailash was not just home for Lord Shiva but also for Goddess Parvati, along with Ganpati & Kartikeya.

Well, it is high time we make you understand that Adi Kailash and Mt. Kailash are two completely different yet magical destinations. In order to clear your doubts even more, make sure to read about The Lesser-Known Facts about Mt.Kailash.

Such is the mystically serene beauty of this region, as the diversity of Nature’s gifts encloses the enchanting land of Adi Kailash or the Chota Kailash.

Key Highlights of Adi Kailash Trek

The Magical land of Uttarakhand is home to many destinations that are hidden jewels of Mother Nature. Such is the mystical and diverse beauty of the Adi Kailash Trek.

  • A delightful treat for travelers who are influenced by Nature and Wildlife, as the hiking trail towards Adi Kailash is enclosed within majestic yet mesmerizing scenic views of Snow-Laden Himalayan peaks.
  • A call for Nature and Wildlife photographers, as this journey might not let you look away from your viewfinder. 
  • Make sure to witness the sheer serenity of Annapurna peaks that simply complements the mystical Kali River surrounding the thicker and lush green dense forests. 
  • A call for bird watchers, as this region is enclosed within a vast diversity of Flora and Fauna. Making the trekking trail covered with ecstatic shades of various species of Birds.
  • One can witness the true essence of wilderness that reeks off every corner of this region, in the form of numerous creatures of Mother Nature as the denser beauty of Nature surrounds them with waterfalls and rivers.
  • Adi Kailash or Chota Kailash Trek is canvased with numerous wildflowers and various kinds of fruit trees. 
  • A mystical treat for travelers trekking towards the mighty Adi Kailash or Om Parvat, as the divinity of Kali Temple at a mesmerizing place called Kala Pani. 
  • Along with Shiva and Parvati Temple that allows you to be one with the essence of this divine region.
  • A delightful experience for trekkers as this alpine trek to the Adi Kailash might test your physical limits but along with the hardships, mother Nature will show you some of the most splendid scenic views.
  • As for the travelers who are here for a getaway from their monotonous lifestyles, make sure to savor every moment of camping experiences within the lap of Mother Nature.
  • Adi Kailash region is known for its Night Skies that are enclosed with mystical views of numerous star trails and the spellbinding Milky Way.
  • Another interesting fact about the Adi Kailash, the first attempt on the expedition to Adi Kailash Peak was by an Indo-British Team during the late 19th century.
  • As we know the altitude of Adi Kailash Trek, one can imagine the level of difficulty on this journey. Making it important to have prior hiking experience to enjoy the enthralling beauty of Adi Kailash or Chota Kailash Trek.
  • Adi Kailash is an enchanting destination known for its rare scenic views of Darma Valley, make sure to read a little bit more on the picturesque serenity of the Darma Valley.

Brief Itinerary for

The journey to the mystical land of Adi Kailash will take you 12 days to two weeks. As the trekking trail is enclosed within mesmerizing sceneries but is also pretty long, where the trekking distance of nearly 70kms will test your limits.

A note for travelers, there can be different itineraries made for the Adi Kailash Trek.

Day 01: DELHI – KATHGODAM (290kms – Drive) – PITHORAGARH (175kms – Drive)

  1. Start your journey from Delhi, where you board a bus.
  2. Reach Kathgodam and change vehicles taking you towards Pithoragarh.
  3. Overnight in Pithoragarh.

Day 02: PITHORAGARH – DHARCHULA (100kms – Drive)

  • Start your journey early in the morning.
  • It will take nearly 5 hours before you reach Dharchula.
  • Reach Dharchula.
  • overnight in Dharchula.

Day 03: DHARCHULA – LAKHANPUR (50kms – Drive) – LAMAR (10kms – Trek)

  • Start your day with the rising sun.
  • As today’s drive is short but after the drive.
  • You begin your trekking journey.
  • After driving for nearly 2 hours, you will trek to Lamari.
  • Taking you nearly a few hours before you reach Lamari.
  • Overnight in Lamari.

Day 04: LAMARI – BUDHI (5kms – Trek) – NABI (4kms – Trek)

  • Wake up early at sunrise and witness the Mystical beauty of sunrise in Lamari.
  • After breakfast, the trek continues.
  • After a long yet enticing hike of nearly 10kms.
  • Once you reach Nabi, pitch your tents within the lap of the Himalayas.
  • Overnight in Nabi.

Day 05: NABI – NAMPA (14kms – Drive) – KUTTI (6kms – Trek)

  • Wake up at ease and enjoy a mystical and shiny morning at Nabi.
  • After breakfast, hop into your taxi. 
  • As your journey continues with an hour’s drive to Nampa.
  • Enjoy the scenic drive to this isolated place where you will feel like time has stopped. 
  • After relaxing for a while, you carry on with your journey.
  • A hike for 6 hours taking you towards Kutti, where you witness the mystical scenery of Nature that surrounds your trekking trail.
  • Overnight in Kutti!

Day 06: KUTTI – JYOLINGKONG (14kms – Trek /Horse)

  • Wake up with the rising sun and witness a sight like no other.
  • When the entire region shines and shimmers with the rays of the sun, while the silence of mother Nature listens to the melodies of those singing birds. 
  • As the hike is long, you better leave after breakfast. 
  • Feel the freshness within those Alpine Forests, as you get closer to JyolingKong. 
  • Overnight in JyolingKong.

Day 07: JYOLINGKONG – ADI KAILASH (4kms – Trek) – JYOLINGKONG (4kms – Trek)

  • Start your day early with the rising Sun.
  • As today is the day where you hike up towards your destination. 
  • After a light breakfast, you treat your eyes with such phenomenal scenic views.
  • As the hike is not that long, make sure to savor every moment before you head back. 
  • After the photography sessions and treating your mind and soul with such mystical views, you head back.
  • Hike back to JyolingKong
  • Overnight in JyolingKong.

A note for travelers, you can head back the same way you came or there is another route that will take you to Dharchula,



Until Next Time!

Best Time To Go On Adi Kailash Trek

As you know the journey to the mystical Adi Kailash Trek is filled with hidden gems of Nature that choose to stay far from our reach during the winters. As the mystical land of Uttarakhand is surrounded by numerous treks and destinations, where the winters are considered to be the best time to visit.

When we talk about trekking trails and destinations within the mystical land of Uttarakhand, we think of winters instantly. 

The altitude of Adi Kailash is high enough to turn the entire region into a fairyland of snow. The time of the year when those alpine meadows and the trekking trails are hibernating under the furry blankets of snow and simply forcing the time to stop existing.

With the arrival of winters, the trek is not at all accessible, as this time of the year the snow creates beautiful havoc on this region. 

You will be delighted to hear that from the arrival of Summers, the isolated serenity of the Adi Kailash trek welcomes travelers with arms wide open. As the sun makes the weather so pleasant, making the environmental conditions favorable for trekkers and hikers.

This time of the year brings new life to this region from its blooming alpine meadows and divine lakes to the enchanting skies that simply complement the snow-capped Himalayas of the Annapurna Peaks and the Adi Kailash peak.

The blooming diversity of Flora and Fauna makes the entire region covered in ecstatic shades of Wildflowers and that lush greenery of the Alpine meadows. 

As the weather becomes pleasant during the months from June till September, during the Monsoon and Spring Seasons. When you get to bathe in the sun as the day’s shimmers with sunshine and cool breeze from the Himalayas, while you are surrounded by the sheer wilderness that surrounds Adi Kailash Trekking trail.

The time of the year when as soon as the sun sets, the need for fire to warm your body arises. As the night skies are enclosed within the mystical star trails, making Adi Kailash a blissful treat for hikers and wanderers.

After being stuck in your routine lives for a long time, if you are planning a trekking journey to satisfy the adventurer and the longing for peace within you. Make sure to visit the mystical beauty of Adi Kailash Trek during the months from June till the end of September.

Preparations for Your Journey to the Adi Kailash Trek

The journey of a traveler within the laps of Mother Nature has taught all of us to not take nature lightly. As if it is nature that brings you closer to the essence of life, be it on a trek or within a remote destination. It is Nature that has the power to cause devastation and during those times we need to be prepared, both mentally and physically.

Such is the journey when you choose a hiking trail towards the Adi Kailash. Along with preparing yourself to be awestruck by the scenic beauty of this region, make sure to train your mind and body. 

Finally, make a list of things that you might require to make your journey safe and sound.

Trekking Gear & Other Necessities

  • Hiking Pole or a walking stick.
  • Two water bottles, one insulated and one normal.
  • Sunglasses and a cap.
  • A sturdy backpack of at least 50ltrs.
  • A proper pair of trekking shoes.
  • Few extra pairs of woolen and waterproof clothes including gloves and socks.
  • Make sure to carry all kinds of toiletries that you might require on this journey.
  • Carry your Identification documents at all times.

Medical Kit

  • Medicines that prevent altitude sickness.
  • Medicines for headache, stomachache, motion sickness, and something for sprains.
  • If you have a predefined sickness, make sure to carry your medicines. 
  • Make sure to carry antiseptic cream or lotion.

If you have booked your journey to the Adi Kailash via tours and travels company, there will be a proper First-Aid Kit including Oxygen Cylinders and pumps.

Why Adi Kailash Trek Should Be on Everyone’s Bucket List

A hiking trail leads you towards an experience of a lifetime, where the divine serenity of Mother Nature and the holiness behind the mythology of Adi Kailash. 

As a traveler, if you are willing to go the extra mile even if it means a little more ups and downs. Then, we assure you that the rewards during and at the end of your journey will show you the true essence of Mother nature’s hidden jewels. As the mystical beauty of your trekking trail is enclosed within the magical waterfalls, the Kali River and the alpine meadow complimenting the denser forests of Pine, Deodar, and Birch. 

If you are a keen trekker, you might want to read our blog on the Milam Glacier and maybe someday down the line you get to plan a Trek to Milam Glacier.

A place that brings you closer to yourself and makes you fall in love with Nature all over again. A sight like no other within a destination like no other for travelers who are always keen on hiking to remote and mystical places within the lap of the Himalayas. 

There are numerous other reasons behind planning a trip to this magical place but it is better if you find your reasons by discovering this trail. To do that, make sure to visit the divine and serene beauty of the Adi Kailash Trek.

A heartfelt request from our team to leave the place the way they were when you entered and clean after yourself. That’s all a remote trek like Adi Kailash asks for, in return for helping you make blissful memories and experiences.